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Welcome! to my Online Home!  I am not sure how your found your my website, but I’m glad you did 🙂 and i hope you find what you’re looking for on here!

Here you can learn how to Ignite your Personal Magnetism and Supercharge your Self Confidence, Self Esteem and Self Worth – so that you can become magnetic to life’s abundance and start living more passionately, purposefully and soulfully everyday and take your Life and Business to the next level of Prosperity and Happiness!!

I’m Roxy Ahmed and I am the Queen of Soulful Living and living Timelessly and Agelessly. I am a Success Mindset Coach for Ordinary Women with Big Dreams, Desires and Ambition who want Live Extraordinary lives. 



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A few Examples of what a Gorgeous Wealthy Femme (GWF) is:

*A Gorgeous Wealthy Femme…  is a woman who lives deliberately, purposefully and consciously on daily basis to create the life she desires

*A Gorgeous Wealthy Femme… is a woman who is courageous, bold and creative enough to go from just dreaming about the life she wants, to deliberately the life she wants no matter what it takes and no matter her age or circumstances

 *A Gorgeous Wealthy Femme… adopts a more Timelessly and Agelessly approach to living her life – one that entails a  living a life with no limits (except those she puts on herself or allows others to put on her)…

 *A Gorgeous Wealthy Femme…  is a woman who knows that Mindset Matters and constantly keeps her mind in check and upgrades it as often as necessary

 *A Gorgeous Wealthy Femme… lives her life from the inside out because thoughts >> create feelings >> create actions >> create results on the outside

 *A Gorgeous Wealthy Femme… knows that Real Wealth comes from the inside – healthy inner self esteem, healthy inner self confidence and healthy inner self worth = Fabulous Wealth, Success and Happiness on the Outside!

 *A Gorgeous Wealthy Femme…  knows her value and worth – the more self esteem, self confidence and self worth she has – the more IRRESISTIBLE she is!

 *A Gorgeous Wealthy Femme… runs each area of her life like a CEO runs a business – she Leads from the Front, Takes Control, Stays Accountable and is 100% committed to her Success.

* A Gorgeous Wealthy Femme is…  Is a Survivor and  is not scared to of Failing.

 *A Gorgeous Wealthy Femme… has Grace, Style, Courage, Integrity and doesn’t take herself too seriously

 *A Gorgeous Wealthy Femme… continuously invests in herself… in her personal growth and development ->>> time, energy and money!

 *A Gorgeous Wealthy Femme… takes 100% responsibility in her life – good or bad.

 *A Gorgeous Wealthy Femme… is an Action Taker NOT a Excuse Maker!


So What does being a Gorgeous Wealthy Femme mean to you?? 



Creating the Life of your Dreams is an Inside-Out Game!
There are NO Secrets – its just a Mindset Thing!!


Let me help you go From Confusion to Clarity, From Fear to Freedom, From Lack to ABUNDANCE and From NO hope to OMG off the wall EXCITEMENT, JOY and FUN back in your ALL areas of your Life !


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So, you can either choose to stay like this:




Or you can choose life to be like this, instead:


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I help empower you to living a more Fulfilled Life that is TIMELESS and AGELESS – because you’re never too LATE to Start or Finish something that makes you come ALIVE and makes your life more Purposeful, Beautiful, Awesome, Fun and Prosperous!

So Lets rid you of your outdated Beliefs, stories and lies you have been telling yourself, that have NOT served you in the least bit – AND start inspiring and empowering you to create Fantabulous, Gorgeous Wealthy and Irresistible YOU from the inside out – so that you can magnetise more  Success, Prosperity & Happiness into your Life!

– After all Life shouldn’t be such a struggle, Right?



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Much Love & Prosperity xxx

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