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4 Month Coaching Package


You + Me + 4 Months Together = Endlesss Opportunities and manifesting!




This is 4-Month Programme is a Deeeeeeep Dive into your  Money Mind Set – to break through your patterns of self sabotage, so that you can step into your power and take your business + Life to the next level, with you now in control!

It’s a total Feng shui of the Mind that is going to ROCK your Mind and blow your “WTF” money gremlins to oblivion!

Your going to clean out all the mental gunk and start thinking in a new way to how you DO Life and Money. Your newly decluttered mental space is going to be where the PARTAAAAY is at, darling! 🙂

It’s going to be a preparing and aligning you and your mind to Wealthy + Abundance and putting you on the path to awesomeness, attracting, manifesting and magnetising more money, more love, more of everything that you secret yearn, to you

No matter if you are 35 or 55, – if you want more out of life, your work, your business and feeling or blocked –and focussing on what you don’t have – we need to stop that quick fast darling otherwise – you are just going to get more of what you think about and unless your think good stuff, we don’t want you to be bringing in more of the bad stuff!!


The Programme is more than just about Money though – its more about who you are BEING in your day-to-day life and Business and how to upgrade your thinking and raising your vibration and getting you WEALTH VIBE on so that you can Rock your Business + life on every level.


People, Circumstances, Events, are going to be attracted and magnetised to you just for who YOU are BEING!



What You Will Get:

ILLUMINATION – as to how Law of Attraction REALLY works and what you need to be doing to prepare and align yourself to attract and manifest the results you want – you will learn what being wealthy truly means to you, which goes beyond just having the material things in life

CREATING NEW MONEY RULES THAT ROCK  – and letting go of money beliefs, pattern and habits that no longer serves you to make room for MONEY, LOVE, SUCCESS and more to readily flow into your life

DECLUTTERING + UPGRADING  –  your Life on all levels so that you feel like Wealthy Gorgeous Femme and Good Vibrations about You and Your Life

STRATEGIC ACTION PLAN – that is tailored to your needs that you can implement straight away and experience ease and joy in your life, and letting go of the struggle and worries

POWERFUL, FUN + PRACTICAL ATTRACTION STRATEGIES –  to start magnetising wealth & abundance and begin experience money magic + miracles

ENERGY CLEARING – to Release any trapped emotions that are causing blocks to your Abundance (this ALONE will create powerful shifts to align you more to wealth + abundance)

CLARITY  – as to what has been keeping you feeling stuck, insecure and scared of whether you are going to BE what you want; DO what you want & HAVE What you want and desire in your life.

ANSWERS – as to what you need to do to help you on your continued path to clarity, to freedom and more abundance in your life – be that money or love.

RENEWED ENERGY, TRUST & SELF BELIEF – that you are the Creator of your own destiny and you  CAN and WILL have more Money, more LOVE & more Freedom in your Life

INCREASED EXCITEMENT & JOY – as to what is possible for you when you DECIDE to take back control of your life instead of Life controlling you

TRANSFORMATION – you will feel the change in your energy and vibration which is the key to manifesting all the things you want


How You Will Get It:

* 8 Fortnightly 45-min Coaching/mentoring Calls + Email Access + Support  – during our time together

* Follow up 30-min call on completion of the programme –  to check-in on the NEW YOU and YOUR NEW Life.

* Access to Templates + Done for you lists + Play Sheets

*Recording of every Session 

+ Email Support in between sessions 


You will be getting all of me – 100% and I promise to bring all of my LAW of Attraction A-game to the table to help you get your Sh*t together, so that you can start making magic and miracles happen in your life!!


By the end of the 4 Months – you will emerge as a more empowered, radiant, magnetic and loved up power house Goddess of your Life, who is totally in touch with her R-E-A-L worth and value.

During the programme you will experience powerful shifts within your thinking and energy, and most likely manifest expected and unexpected opportunities in work OR business OR love etc, money; improved relationships on all levels and MORE..…

When you experience this high and the realisation that you are the one creating your reality through the Power of your Thoughts & Beliefs, you will not want to go back to the old version of your self and you will most definitely be choosing your thoughts + feeling more carefully and deliberately


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If you’re Ready to truly step into your power and start creating a Financially & Spiritually fulfilled Life, without compromising on Self, Love or Happiness…

If you’re Ready to just live life differently and are sick of the same old sh*t and “Ground Hog day” version of life…

If you Have this deep knowing inside telling you there must be a better simpler way…

If you Don’t Want to get to the end of your life and look back in regret and think what could have been “if I only just….

If There is a voice deep inside telling you the time is NOW to ACT, you have nothing to lose, start living, instead of just surviving…


THEN Darling,  Click here to be taken to a quick application form that you will need to complete 

Once you have completed, please return it to the email on the form. You will then be contacted to set up a Complimentary  30 Min Phone or Skype Session chat with me, and see if we are a match made in heaven to start this beautiful journey together, discuss all the details and I can answer any questions you may have.


READY to Attract + Manifest Your Abundance??


I am so super excited and happy for you and can’t wait to start working with you to help you to activate your wealth vibration and get you seeing, feeling and believing you ARE worthy of wealth and abundance on all levels!!

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