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Random Facts About Me

*My Inspiration -> My Beautiful Mother ~ A Mentor, Guide, Friend and a Beautiful example of how to hold your own with Courage, Grace & Respect for oneself and others, regardless of what life throws at you

*I am a sensual Taurean – And I’m not stubborn, no matter how many times you tell me! 😉

*I consider myself an eternal Optimist

*I say “Darling’’ a lot – in Life and in Business, but its always expressed from a place of love and never condescending

*I love watching ‘Family Guy’ – Sooo controversial and oh so wrong, BUT it really does make me laugh out loud every time.

*I am all about Love & Living your Happiness

*I love Tabasco Sauce!

*I get the giggles very easily!

*I truly believe in Miracles and Blessings!



On the Personal Side…

I have had my fair share of knocks in my life – I have lost 3 members of my family:

*My father passed away when I was 21;

*In 2005 – My older brother passed way suddenly, at the age of only 40;

*In 2011 – my mother passed away to cancer within 3 months of being diagnosed

Each one of these precious losses had me questioning my own existence, my beliefs and WTF was my life all about!

*I have had my heart broken a few times!

*Experienced a couple of huge financial losses due to bad business decisions

There are other ‘hard knock” stories I could list here, but I think you get the idea –But then we ALL have a Hard Knock story, right?

It’s what we decide to do next once we are knocked down…

But these dark periods of my life have always been a catalyst for growth, character building and self discovery , which me put me on a path of many twists and turns, and I can honestly say I started getting glimpses of a realisation of my life’s meaning and purpose ..

But I still didn’t know WTF I was meant to be doing 🙂


When the Students Ready…

The more I travelled a long this path of self discovery – it seemed like I was magically been ‘shown the way’ –> people, circumstances and events started showing up in my life out – which were my ‘Teachers and Guides’ (you know what they say –> “when the students ready – the teacher will appear”)

Well they did – plenty of them – and I started understanding why my life had panned out the way it had so far, and what I wanted to do about it going forward.

I felt myself growing and expanding in ways I never thought possible, as I started seeing the world with fresh eyes and OMG a world full of possibilities that were all there for me, if I was ready to step up and play the game of life.

And I did, one tiny step at a time –> being a Taurean – I am very risk averse you see 😉

And each nervous, scary yet excited step I took towards my happiness, I started to feel free in my body and for the first time I felt comfortable in my own skin – i stopped trying hard to please other people and started putting myself first.

Where once everything seemed hard and a struggle – I started attracting money, love, jobs and opportunities into my life that seemed so effortless.

The more I was living from the heart, and in ways that were meaningful and joyful to me – the more I was resistant  and waking up to all the bullsh*t that i  had been putting up with in my life;

And the more I was starting to really get clear on what I wanted in life and how i wanted to live, I started treating my time as precious and letting go of all the crappy stuff and time wasters, that were draining my energy and taking me away from my goals and desires.

Of course, as is always the case in life – when you start standing up for yourself in ways you never had done before – you start to ruffle a few feathers – there are those peeps who feel threatened by your new found confidence and want to keep you in your place AND there are those who admire you for your new found confidence and want to join you in the ride.


Anything is Possible…

I started hanging out more and more with life’s “Anything is possible” Crowd as they kept me energised, loved up, super inspired and motivated to stay on my path, whilst organically the naysayer’s and life’s whingers started falling away.

The “Anything is Possible’ Crowd that was made up of mentors I had admired from afar (some of whom I eventually go to meet in person 🙂) – Oprah; Tony Robbins; Jim Rohn; Bob Proctor; Mike Dooley; Maya Angelou; and many many more – to the ones I personally financially invested in to coach and mentor me – all took me and my life to a different level and vibration, which I could not have achieved on my own.

I started putting into practice what I was learning and seeing results, and then I started to tell my family, friends and co-workers (and anyone who would listen :)) about what I was learning and how they could also change their lives and live differently.

Some seemed to be comfortable in just staying in their “the glass half empty” status, whilst those who did take notice, and started applying some of the teachings in their lives, started seeing amazing results.

I felt I had found a new vocation in life..



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Why I do what I do?

My big compelling why is my beautiful Mother.

Her life was all about struggle and strife. As a result of her beliefs and the culture she was born into, she never got to live the life she truly deserved.

She lived a life unfulfilled.

I saw it her eyes in her latter years, when she looked back on her life – the great disappointment and sadness she felt, of not achieving and having what she dreamt of as a girl.

Life’s struggles and demands got in the way, and she became a victim of life’s challenges. With no one to show her otherwise – she gave up on life and became a shrinking violet, because she felt she didn’t matter or was worthy of happiness.

So when she passed away, – I wasn’t only grieving the fact that i would no longer see or hear her everyday.  I was also mourning the sadness for my mother’s unfulfilled dreams, and how I wish I knew what i know now, so that i could have helped her to see another of way of living.

I felt this profound sadness for my mother because she had never managed to fulfil her dreams and ambitions in life. Having been born into a culture and belief system where her happiness was secondary, she sacrificed her love and happiness, so that we children could live ours.

This was my mother’s legacy…

But I’ve always been a real romantic at heart, and I just wanted it all – the happily ever after – I wanted to be happy, wealthy and successful in life – whatever that looked like for me – as long as I was happy – I was happy! JJ

And I guess that’s every girls dream really..

AND I wanted this not only for myself, but I felt deeply driven to helping other women wanting the same, but who didn’t know where to start or how to do it.

But deep down I wanted to do it for my mother – as I didn’t want her sacrifices to be in vain.

It’s my way of fulfilling my mother’s unfulfilled dreams, goals and desires.


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So what does this all mean for YOU?

I knew that in order to be the best and have the life I want – I couldn’t do it on my own – it tried that and it didn’t work!!

So I got help – I found me some Awesome Mentors! – The right ones came along just when I needed them.

And OMG to have someone believe in ME that much and in a way that I didn’t even believe in myself, and encourage ME, motivate ME and support ME to step into my spotlight and live my potential everyday – helped me to become the woman I needed to become to create the life I have always wanted and knew I would one day achieve.

So now i want to pay it forward by helping you make your dreams reality and attract and manifest more money & happiness into your life.

Gorgeous Wealthy Femme will take you From A (where you are now in your Life) To B (where you want to be – Rocking your life!!) and bring out your Gorgeous Wealthy Femme essence so that you can start living the life you want!

BUT with one Caveat ->
it involves YOU Taking Action and Implementing What You Learn to create momentum and tangible Results and Success, all served with a big dollop of Love, Support and Encouragement from Yours Truly!



So if  YOU are ready to Live a life without Limits and become MAGNETIC to more of life’s Magic and Abundance – to live in Joy and not out of Fear >> then see below the best way to get started on your new exciting journey of living more Timelessly and Agelessly>>


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