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Roxy Ahmed has one wish -> that women around the world are living the fullest expression of themselves and are increasingly + irresistibly magnetic to all of life’s abundance everyday and in every way


She is a sought-after Success Mindset Coach for Women and works with Ordinary Women with Big Dreams, Desires and Ambitions who want to live Extraordinary Lives!.

Women who are the Dreamers and Doers… Courageous, Bold, and Creative enough to go from just dreaming about the life they want, to actually creating and living the life they want…

She helps women Increase their Personal Magnetism, Raise their Wealth Vibration, and Upgrade their Lifestyle, so that they can start living more Wealthily, Joyfully and Soulfully, every day!

Roxy is passionately committed to guiding and helping women work on their self belief, self confidence and self worth, and bring out their “inner wealthy – so that they can step into their Prosperity and Power and start living a more enchanted and fulfilled life.

Over the last several years, she has helped many women to start living deliberately and purposefully by helping them follow their heart and breaking free from compromise and guilt and outdated rules to living life, and adopt a more “Ageless and Timeless” mentality to achieve more fulfilled, abundant and healthy lives.

Roxy lives & breathes Law of Attraction and all things Metaphysical and believes that we ALL possess the ability to create and have the Life + Business we want and desire, and attract great Wealth, Success, Love & Happiness in our lives, by changing the way we think and see ourself.

Everything in life is possible, no matter where you’re right now and what you think, because it’s all about rewiring your brain with a set of new and upgraded wealthy, empowering and aligned Beliefs and Rules to live by.

When you change your habits, your beliefs, your stories, your thoughts, your FEELING in the way you do money – and rewrite the script to one that raises your vibration, and your standards – that’s when the magic starts to happen in life!

Life starts happening for you – more money starts flowing into your life – more love starts flowing into your life, more success starts flowing into your life and the list goes on…

Roxy holds a Law Degree and has a background in Banking & Project Management.

Roxy is a Certified NLP Practioner having being trained by one of the NLP Co-Founders – Richard Bandler.

She is also a Certified Reiki Master.

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Random Facts About Me

*My Inspiration -> My Beautiful Mother ~ A Mentor, Guide, Friend and a Beautiful example of how to hold your own with Courage, Grace & Respect for oneself and others, regardless of what life throws at you

*I am a sensual Taurean – And I’m not stubborn, no matter how many times you tell me! 😉

*I consider myself an eternal Optimist

*I say “Darling’’ a lot – in Life and in Business, but its always expressed from a place of love and never condescending

*I love watching ‘Family Guy’ – Sooo controversial and oh so wrong, BUT it really does make me laugh out loud every time.

*I am all about Love & Living your Happiness

*I love Tabasco Sauce!

*I get the giggles very easily!

*I truly believe in Magic & Miracles!



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What I’m All About!

Plain and simple -> Taking you from a place of “My Life Sucks” to a place of “My Life Rocks”

The media is peppered with success stories of everyday peeps living the life of their dreams; on their terms – and its starts with just taking one step at a time in the direction of your dreams, a dollop of self belief and a “Can Do Attitude”

But just like me – you don’t have to figure it out for yourself – Find yourself a Coach or Mentor that is going to guide you forward and allow you to realise your potential and lead you to your success, wealth and happiness.

And of course you don’t need to look far – Hint! Hint! 🙂


So what does this all mean for YOU?

I knew that in order to be the best and have the life I want – I couldn’t do it on my own – it tried that and it didn’t work!!

So I got help – I found me some Awesome Mentors! – The right ones came along just when I needed them.

And OMG to have someone believe in ME that much and in a way that I didn’t even believe in myself, and encourage ME, motivate ME and support ME to step into my spotlight and live my potential everyday – helped me to become the woman I needed to become to create the life I have always wanted and knew I would one day achieve.

So now i want to pay it forward by helping you make your dreams reality and attract and manifest more money & happiness into your life.

Gorgeous Wealthy Femme Coaching is all about transforming you into a Gorgeous Wealthy Irresistible You from the INSIDE-OUT, so that you can start attracting the Life you really want!

BUT with one Caveat -> it involves YOU taking Action and Implementing what you learn to create momentum and tangible Results and Success ~ all served with a big dollop of Love, Support and Encouragement from Yours Truly!


So if  YOU are ready to Live a life without Limits and become MAGNETIC to more of life’s Magic and Abundance – to live in Joy and not out of Fear >> then see below the best way to get started on your new exciting journey of living more Timelessly and Agelessly>>



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Much Love & Blessings Darling


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