I Am Woman

GWF I am Woman

Awwww! sooooo cute aren’t they?


Happy International Women’s Day!


I would love to be like these two women at their age… I don’t see two old women though… I just see two little girls, giggling about something or nothing!

With age, comes such wisdom, hindsight and a lot of  “bloomin’ heck I get it now” AHA moments!

Behind their laughter and beautiful smiles – you just know they have lived a life that may not have always been easy… But to be able to get to their age, and still be laughing and giggling like two little naughty girls, is both beautiful and infectious!

Through out life, we girls will all play the following roles of – Mother, Daughter, Sister, Wife, Girlfriend – but at our core, will always reside two little giggling girls with big dreams and romantic notions about life… so in each of us, we recognise each other…

We love our MEN! (God bless them!) and whilst they have a special place in our hearts > nobody really understands a woman, like another woman! More

When Opportunity Knocks…

GWF Dancing mice

Would you recognise a good opportunity if it came your way??


Opportunity waits for no one – though it gives every one a chance to recognise one, know one and jump on one, when one does show it’s face in your life.

But individuals either see life as black and white, or see it a full colour spectrum.

Those who fall in the ‘black and white’ category – wouldn’t know a good opportunity if God himself came down to earth and told them to take it!

To these individuals – any opportunity is probably:

Too good to be true…

It’s not for them…

It’s too hard…

It’s seems too easy…

It’s not ethical…

It involves using skills they don’t possess…

It’s a scam…

It won’t last and the bubble will burst…

blah blah blah…


It’s either fear of the unknown, or they are just plain not willing to do or experience something different in their life – that will allow them to grow, learn new kills, meet new people, or even get to  see what they are capable of achieving, when they put their mind to it.

Those who fall in the ‘full colour spectrum’ category – are the ones who everyone else (mainly the ‘black and white” category) will see as the guys and gals who are the chosen few… who get all the lucky breaks handed to them on the platter and live a charmed life!!


The Power of Love


GWF Love Yourself First

Are you (still) waiting for your Prince to come and rescue you, darling!


That’s so sweet  – but it’s not the way life works!

It’s a bit like the santa clause story – does he really exist?!! – well whether he does or he doesn’t – it doesn’t matter – because it all depends on what you want/choose to believe  (and i know Christmas is not for another 11 months! but just letting you know I believe in Santa!)

Without love – life has no meaning!

Love comes in all forms, shapes, styles.

But no matter what form it comes in – its how we feel about the world around us when we are in love…

Love has to take centre place – you have to love life to get the most out of it.

Now I like living in and seeing the world through a ‘glass half full’ lense.

So I choose to see the world from a (new) empowered belief system in which the world is a beautiful place, full of (equal) possibilities for everyone (and believe me it never used to be like that due to my old programming)

Because how you view the world is what will shape your world and life experiences.

And I for one, choose to experience money miracles, love miracles and success miracles, because of how I now choose to view my world.

When you start changing your perspective about life, relationships, money and health –  you will truly change the way you live and experience life.


Your Path To Prosperity & Happiness (& Guilt-Free Living)

GWF What I serve

Do you feel like everyone else is doubling their money, profits, love, and joy in their business and life – whilst you just seems to be doubling your troubles, debt and struggles?

Do people call you crazy for dreaming BIG and going after what you want?

Do you wish people would just stop dumping their emotional Sh*t on you – because it brings your (Wealth) Vibration down?!


me rounded
Darling – I want you take a few deep breaths and just relax…

And then I want you stop feeling guilty or bad about everything and allowing others to make you feel this way – because you’re giving your power away.

Feeling guilty and bad about what??

For trying to better yourself as a person and woman – so that you can create a better, fuller, Richer, happier life for yourself that is actually going to benefit them!


Notice the Self Sabotage

Feeling guilty and bad is one of your biggest blocks to bringing in more money, love, freedom and happiness into your life.

The thing is too many of us, are trying to keep every one else happy – partners, family, friends, colleagues – either out of a sense of duty, love OR both!

OMGosh! darling I totally get you – I AM a recovering People Pleaser!


Why I Attracted A Loser For A Boyfriend…

It's better to have loved n lost

Have you ever gone out with someone who you just knew was bad for your health, finances and sanity?

Me too!!

Did it stop you from going out with him waaaaay longer than you should have?

Nope, me neither!!

And did you question at some point (and no doubt waaaay too late!) – how some one like YOU of rational, logical, and intelligent sound mind (not to mention blessed with such wisdom, style, beauty, grace elegance etc 🙂 ) – could be so stupid as to be manipulated, controlled and brainwashed by such an arrogant Loser?

Me too!!


You see I once went out with a Loser for a couple of years, and OMG mine was B-A-D for me on every level – but alas he was HOT!!! And just to justify a little bit more the temporary loss of all my faculties at the time – he was French – so yes a FRENCH Hottie!!!

Yes how very shallow and pathetic of me – but I was completely blinded by his hotness factor and sexy French accent!!


The Etiquette Of Throwing A Sickie

I Hate to Waste Sick days

When was the last time you threw a Sickie??


me roundedWell, in the last 18 months of my corporate life –I actually factored “Sickies’ into my yearly goal-setting plan.

As part of the usual annual Company Protocol, Rules + Regulations – we were expected to set out our SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time oriented) work goals.

So as usual everyone set about creating their yearly unrealistic-waste-of-time- work goals, made under the delusion that if they worked harder and longer, their bosses would NOTICE them THIS year for their efforts – and they would finally get the promotion and pay rise they had been hoping for since like forever…

I too was setting my SMART goals – my SMART ‘Sickie’ goals – so that I could get through another year in my job and keep my sanity, until I found a way to leave the rat race.

And for a while I was doing well until my new manager who was so text-book-rigid pulled me up on the amount of sickies I had been taking. Ooops!


Happiness Audit

Happiness Scale



My Blogpost pic_authorIt’s AUTUMN! – which usually marks the harvest season in the agricultural world.

And harvest season is essentially the time to reap what has been sown earlier in the year.

It’s about reflection, giving gratitude for what has already been provided and preservation of what can be leveraged and utilised going forward!


So I was feeling a bit clever in my thinking, about how this principle of ‘harvesting’ applies to our goals and what we have achieved so far this year, in our life.

Hence, this weeks blog post!

So when you look back over the last 10 months – how do you feel?

Do you like what you see?

And where is your Focus – on what you achieved and succeeded in or what you have not yet achieved?

Now, interestingly, the Element connected to Autumn – is Metal, and the Emotion connected to Metal is – Sadness or Grief:


Autumn graphic


Like Attracts Like

like attracts like


My Blogpost pic_authorManifesting life’s abundance – wealth, success and happiness – is not a secret –> it’s simply a process!

It’s much like being in relationship!

Lets use Money as an example… You have to first know how to attract money to you; and secondly, you have to know how to keep money interested in you, and finally, you have to know how to get it to stick, and make that commitment to you! ☺

And that goes for love too, because money and love are interchangeable.. they are simply both the same energy.

We are bubbles of energy – and depending on the how high or low; positive or negative your energy is  – will determine if you’re magnetising something to you, or repelling it away from you.

So if you’re love story and money story are a bit lacklustre – then take a look at how you’re doing one or the other >>> because how you do one thing is how you everything!



What If…

What if



My Blogpost pic_authorHave you noticed that as soon as you get what you want – in the midst of celebrating your success (be it a money windfall; falling in love; getting a new client; getting a new job etc ) – the What If’s start coming up for you..

What If he finds me boring and leaves me..

What If I mess up this project and they get rid of me..

What If everyone starts asking me for money now..

What If I just got lucky and I don’t get any more clients..

Have you noticed where your focus is >>> on LACK!!

How do you feel when you suddenly get what you have been wanting?

Do you feel rock solid and positively good about your wishes and desires coming true,  OR are your feelings tinged with negativity – guilt, fear, doubt, anxiety – and you’re constantly thinking, your luck is going to run out, and it’s going to end badly?


And so begins the cycle of sabotage – and you get exactly what your feeling and thinking.


Your Stinkin’ Thinking!


Feel it believe it attract it
My Blogpost pic_authorWhen it comes to getting what we want in our lives – you know like having more money in the bank, a better paying and fulfilling job/career/business, or having more love, more holidays, more freedom – the list is endless, right?

Well we can have it all you know! We really really really can – but what is stopping us from getting what we want – is our stinkin’ thinking!

Our sneaky thoughts, keep us on the periphery of getting what we want – keeping it just out of our reach. NOT Funny Universe!!


Our Stinkin’ Thinking…

Our Sucky thoughts and limiting beliefs and self esteem issues! continue to mock us – by silently, yet potently reminding us that >>  we’re not good enough OR we don’t deserve it.

Our stinkin’ thinking questions us >> “Really… do you really think you can have that? HOW?

And then you start trying to figure out all the How’s?well that’s just a losing game!

Once you start trying to figure out this part – you start telling yourself – “Who am I kidding?!! How will I ever make that happen?!

I’m too fat, I’m too skinny; I’m too Old, I can’t Afford it; I don’t have time… blah blah blah

So you stick to your comfort zone of “Averagedom” , and you stop trying to punch above your station.

Then you look around your zone of Averagedom! and start seeing all the evidence to support, why you can’t have what you want, or do what you want, or be what you want.

And because you’re now immersed in your negative vibe – you attract exactly everything negative, to support your current stinkin’ thinking.


Does this sound all too familiar Darling? More