The “Waiting Game”



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When I look at my life and everything I have achieved so far (and still want to achieve) – I know I could never have half the things I wanted, if I didn’t believe in magic and miracles.

That’s not to say that i just thought of something I wanted, and then sat back and expected it to happen all on its own.

Your determination, skills, talents and action taking have a large part to play in achieving your life’s abundance.

However, there does come a part in the process where no matter how hard you’re trying – something or everything is just not giving!

You get mad at the Universe and the world for giving up on you, and you finally come to a point when you have to just surrender and let go and stop pushing.

And that’s when the magic and miracles start to happen. But it’s like you have to be pushed to a point – before you get there!

I can vouch for this – as I have seen it happen many times in my own life – personal and business.


The routine usually is:

*I want to achieve something or bring something (or someone into my life).

*I work out my plan of action; I start taking action; applying my attracting and manifesting strategies.

*I am doing all the necessary stuff, and still nothing!

It’s as if I am being tested to see how badly I want it.


The Attraction Factor



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Ok since I having been answering many questions on how to manifest – I thought it was high time I did a post on this – especially more so because this I what i help you do – Attract and Manifest Life’s Abundance!

Darling – whether you know it or not – you’re already using the Law of Attraction (LOA) every day, to get what you want and don’t want in your life.

LOA is working all the time! So you may as well learn to do it more effectively and powerfully!


Now there are many instructions out there on how to Manifest like a Rockstar! – and below are some of the essential ingredients of a good ol’ manifesting recipe! (At least in the way i have learnt and mastered it!)

In all its simplicity you could say it boils down to the below factors:

Think – Focus – Feel – Believe – Attract


So lets see how this would work.. More

What Would Beyonce Do?



Blog Post PicFor my birthday last month I went see a one-woman stand up show called “What Would Beyonce Do?” – with my beautiful BFF.

We didn’t know what to expect – but the name caught our attention and who doesn’t love Beyonce! – that woman (along with Destiny child) has a kick ass song for every eventuality a girl will find herself in life, and get you through it!!

This show was just fabulicous, funny, thought provoking and very cleverly scripted.

The main act basically used her own life story as part of her act.

She has a major Girl Crush on Beyonce (Me too!) who is her role model in life. And in every crappy situation in life that she finds herself – she would ask herself – “What would Beyonce Do?”

It really was a show about Girl Power and empowering yourself, respecting yourself, loving yourself and just getting out there and giving life your best shot!


Ms. Classy & Fabulous – Who Me? Yes You!



I love this quote!

When you read this statement – what comes to mind?

Do you look at it and think Yep that’s You!


Does someone else come to mind – who comes up and what does she look like?

Do you think to be classy and fab you need to have money?

Whatever is coming up for you is very revealing – but I want you to know, being classy and fabulous is a just a state of mind and not something that can be bought.

You could be wearing a £3,000 dress and still look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards, or you could be wearing a £25 dress and look a million dollars


“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman” ~ Coco Chanel



Dude, Where’s My Food?



Picture the scene – you’re meeting up with your sister and taking her out for a birthday lunch at restaurant of her choosing.

You’re both excited and looking forward to a delicious lunch and a fun catch up!

The waiter presents the menu and you both order your dishes..

And then you and your sis go back to your conversation and about 25 minutes pass and your order still hasn’t arrived.

Then the waiter casually strolls by to let you know, that your order will be a further 10 minutes late as the chef didn’t see your ticket for the order!

When the food does eventually arrive – you are lost for words and its not because you’re impressed with the food!

But you decide to tuck in anyway, as it’s your sister’s birthday and you don’t want to make a fuss.


What Makes You Wealthy

i'm wealthy now


When we think of wealth – we tend to think about money.

What would we do if we had all the money we wanted?

What would we do if we won the lottery? OR if we received a huge bonus from work? etc

And whilst there is nothing wrong with wanting more money – you have to ask yourself why you want more of it?

When we receive money – how long do you feel happy having received it?

What is it that really makes you feel happy about having Money – is it what you are going to spend it on? Who you are going to spend it on? Where you are going to spend it?

Money definitely alleviates the financial worries and gives you opportunities.


Loves Me Loves Me Not – Part 3 of 3: You, Money and Work



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In this final part of the series of whether money loves you or not – is about your work.

Now, when you choose to go into business – ideally it’s because you want to pursue your passion and live life on your terms.

But not everyone wants to be his or her own boss.

However, the rules of business could easily apply to your day job i.e. having a job that values you and your time – and one that pays you your worth.

Having come from a corporate background– I noticed that the most favourable outcomes that I have had in my work and income – were the times when I believed in me and my value and went for jobs and increases in pay, even though others around me told me otherwise.

The swings in my income were not due to a bad economy or recession etc – because there was still evidence of people landing great jobs and pay packages.


Loves Me Loves Me Not – Part 2 of 3: You, Money and Business


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Slide1In the past I have put my hand to many failed ventures, and one of which was an epic fail.

Back in 2005 – certain events happened in my life, which were fatalistic ones, that pushed me on a path which was to eventually lead me to what I’m doing today.

So, back then, I was at a point where I was not a in a good place emotionally due to a family loss and having somehow attracted a romantic relationship straight from the land of doomsville!!

Anyway at this point in my life – things looked bleak, so I decided to add another element of chaos to it –  by having a bright idea, that it was the perfect time to leave my well paid corporate career and start my own business!

…. Have you ever had that feeling where your gut is telling you its not a good idea, and you somewhere also know its not a good idea, and because you know that your family and friends will also agree that its not a good idea – you decide to keep THIS idea to yourself – so you don’t get talked out of it!!


So, because I was so desperate to change the current course of my life – I decided to buy a Hair and Beauty Salon from a woman, who was so desperate to sell it, because  she knew she was sitting on a rotten egg.

She was just waiting for the first gullible chick with more money than sense, who she could convince it was a booming business (she was apparently selling, as she was moving abroad!!) and therefore the price was a bargain – Cue “Gullible Chick” ->> Roxy C’mon Down! (I know! What was i thinking!!)

Served me right!! I was an exact match to her desperation in wanting to get rid of it, and my own in wanting to escape my current reality!!


Loves Me Loves Me Not – Part 1 of 3: You, Money and Relationships



When I started working on changing my Money Story about 5 years ago – i was shocked at what I learned about myself and money and how my subconscious money beliefs impacted all areas of my life.

So I thought I would do a series of posts this month to highlight how your money dramas can play out in your Relationships; Business and Work and how to start getting a handle on your money stuff!

So this week it’s all about  ==>  “You, Money and Your Romantic Relationship!”

Actually, being in relationship with money is lot like being in relationship with a man – it’s a power struggle!

In the beginning everything is wonderful – you’re totally loved up, you’re both attentive and supportive of each other and dismissive of any flaws that maybe trying to get your attention.

In the honeymoon phase of your relationship – nothing is going to distract you.

However, once you settle in your relationship – the power struggle between the two of you, starts rearing its ugly head!

And Bham! this triggers your hidden self limiting beliefs as your way of soothing yourself and justifying your actions.

Doubt, insecurity and fear of losing your man start taking over and causing chaos.

One minute he loves you and the next minute he hates you (or so it seems) – it’s a constant attention seeking game.


Self Belief Is Sexy!

 Self belief - old lady



“I cheated on my fears, broke up with my doubts, got engaged to my faith and now I’m marrying my dreams”


I am so loving this quote right now ☺

It has all the key characters of a blooming good “Hero’s Journey” story!

Life is about living from your heart and from the true essence of who you are, and whilst all that is wonderful, we all know that along the way, there will be a few bumps in the road.

And these bumps in the road are really blooming a pain in the butt – when all a girls wants is to get from A to B in her life, with her sanity and makeup in tact.

You see each day is new story of the Hero’s Journey ☺ – and each new stepping out of our comfort zone territory is going to bring up the key Villains “Fear” and “Doubt” – to stop us from moving forward.

So they are not strangers to us – we have flirted with these two dream snatchers before.