Yes But..



They say there are always 2 types of people….

Examples like :

The Negative ones and the Positive one

The Doers and the Procrastinators

The Extroverts and the Introverts

The Coffee Drinkers and the Tea Drinkers etc

Well I recently learned of another type: The Yes But’s and the Yes And’s


The Yes But’s

Have you noticed that whenever you make a decision to do some thing – the list of Yes Buts start lining up.


Know Thyself

2014 new year quotes this is your year 2014 make it happen


Ok New year – New start and you’re definitely going to make this year different from all the rest – Right!

This year you are definitely going to quit your job and start your own business;

You’re going to make sure you get that promotion and pay rise!

No Wait – you’re going to make more money than you ever did in your previous job or business.

Your going to get healthy, fall in love, travel the world etc etc etc

Well these were some of your resolutions at the start of 2014 (oooh… about a week ago!) and as is usually the case with resolutions – you have already fallen off the wagon.


To Be, Do or Have



Half way through writing this blog I fell asleep! In my sleep I dreamt of birds and an old friend from way past in my college days (which I don’t understand why she even featured in my dream, as its not like she has been on my mind)

You might be asking – Okay so what has this go to do with a wealth mind set and creating a beautiful, happy and fulfilled life?!

Bear with me, this is leading somewhere I promise ☺

So as soon as I woke up – (thinking oh crap why did I fall asleep!) – I looked up the meaning of dreaming of birds (the feathered kind!) and an old college friend.

And I learnt that the birds represent hopes and aspirations and this old friend represents something from the past that keeps coming up to interfere with the future… Hmm interesting!

It does make sense now, because I have been feeling a little stuck and insecure in an area of my business over the last week, and my dream in its intelligent, intuitive and distorted way, has tried to make sense of my subconscious thoughts.

They say that effectively dreams are a reflection of what is going on in your physical world.

So I had to do a little digging of what was lurking behind my fear and doubt of late..


Gratitude Is The New Black


Darling have you noticed just when you think life is going well, Sh*t blooming happens to disrupt the flow!

Why? Why now..

I’ve found from my own experiences that this usually happens when we start getting complacent about life and taking things for granted– be it in our business, work, love life – sure enough, up comes something to disrupt that place of comfort.

And then suddenly things start going a bit wierd and you start a pity party for one (I was seriously having one of “those” days yesterday!), forgetting how lucky we already are in our life.

I’ll be honest, I know in the past, I took a lot of my life for granted – family, money, job – and then in 2005 I lost a loved one, my job and all my money in a bad investment…. oh and a relationship (which honestly, when I look back, I am so Grateful it ended, even though at the time I was melodramatically devastated!).


Mistaking Self Worth for Self Esteem



Darling did you know that self esteem and self worth are two different things?

High Five if you did! I wish someone had told me back in the day…

Many femmes make the mistake of thinking it means the same thing, but once I learned the difference between self worth and self esteem a few years back, it changed the way I saw myself, my dreams and my potential.

And guess what, since then I made it my business (literally!) to empower women around their self worth and value, so that they can truly step into their financial and spiritual power, to propel them forward in their work, business and life.


What’s Your Relationship With Money?

MoneyDo you know what your Divine Financial Purpose is?  Did you even know you had one?

Well you do have one – we all do whether you know of it or not, and its all about your Spiritual and financial success being in sync.

Once I discovered what my Divine life and Financial purpose was, I knew that if I didn’t get myself out there in the world and share my message, I would come to the end of my life and look back and think Oh Crap!

Another words Big Regrets!

Even though I felt:

Who am I to stand out in a crowd and tell the world what I know?

Who will want to listen to me and WHY?

I am just going to make a fool of my self, and I don’t want to look stupid

So I will just hide behind my computer at my day job looking at spread sheets all day, and sharing my message with my desk plant instead!


But I’m Not Ready Yet…! Oh Really!




Are you guilty of any of the following?

  • Procrastination
  • ‘Analysis Paralysis’ – where you over analysis a decision that leads to you making no decision at all!
  • But I can’t because..

These are all excuses keeping you stuck and holding you back because of the story you are running in your head bout yourself.

The thing is, to achieve anything in life; you have to act fast, once you have made a decision. If it felt energetically right at the time you made it, then just go for it!

Don’t then give your power away by asking a 100 hundred other people whether you should do this or that, because the more opinions you get, the more doubtful and confused you will be of your initial decision.

If it feels right – then just do it! If in doubt then, sleep on it. If still in doubt then ask someone who will be able to give you impartial advice and who has experience in what you are going through, because they have been there too.

The thing is friends and family mean well, but in business, they are not the ones to be giving you business advice unless they are running a business too.

Regardless of where the advice is coming from, ultimately it is has to be your decision and you following it through.

And for that, all you need is Courage – to make the decision, stick by it and then follow it through.

Now the mother of all excuses (and I should know, because I still suffer from it) is the “I’m not ready” excuse


A Business Or A (Very) Expensive Hobby?

Moyan BrennImage By Moyan Brenn


I attended a Business Coach networking event in the US over the summer, and I heard someone say that unless you are Implementing & Getting clients, your business is just an expensive hobby.

So if you have been busy now, for some time buying programmes, courses, products, and being distracted by the next bright shiny object, then you are probably deluding yourself that you are busy working on your business.

Working on your business is not the same as working in your business…

Those of us who are in the first year of our business may have been guilty of this at some point or may still be doing this! Yikes!

Oh but Darling please don’t worry – because I have been there too and feel for you if this is where you are currently at…

And if this is you – then you need to hear this, to help you jump out of your business start up coma!!

Many of us do this because we doubt ourselves, our gifts and talents by waiting until everything is perfect before we present our perfect self, and perfect business with our perfect courses and programmes to our perfect client at the perfect time – do you see where I am going with this…?


Who Do You Think You Are?

Melody Campbell

 Image By Melody Campbell


Can I ask you a question….

Which level of business would you say you are at?

  • Just starting out?
  • First year of business?
  • Been in business for several years or more?

Regardless of where we are at in our business, many of us live in fear that we are not good enough, so we pretend to be more than we are in order to impress to keep up with the big players, OR, we pretend to be less then we are, because we don’t believe in our gifts and talents.

Women will tend to play down their achievements and success in business and life, so that we don’t come across as a show-off, because we don’t want to be alienated by our friends and colleagues.

However you wont find a man doing this. They are happy to let their male counterparts know just how good they are (whether its true or not!) as its all about bravado and showman ship.

However, women operate on a more emotional level and validation from those around us is important for us, to feel accepted and understood.


How To Find Your Groove & Make Amazing Money Doing What You Love!


Pink Sherbert2Image By Pink Sherbert


Why is it that some entrepreneurs make it look so easy to have a successful business? What’s their secret?

Well there is no secret, it’s just knowing that its okay to ask for help!

However, sometimes you may well feel that you need to try a million things and waste a lot of time and money (like I did!), before you scratch your head and ask yourself aaaaaaaaaRGH, there has to blooming be an easier way??!!

Well I am here to tell you, you can only fail if you stop trying. I have experienced my own epic failures – the last one cost me £80K and that’s when I knew something had to change!! And although I had to go back to the drawing board, Luckily I didn’t let it get in the way of my BIG Goal of having my own business.