What’s Love Gotta Do With It…?


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Do you believe that a successful business is about being busy 24/7, because it means you are working on your business?

Do you believe by putting other people first, meeting everyone else’s needs and wants before your own, is what business is all about?

Hmmm.. Not exactly..! This is a sure fire way of quick burnout and taking you out of the game for a little while..

Business & Success is about working smarter NOT harder and putting yourself & your health first.

Remember WHY you went into business? – Ultimately to have work/life balance, and a beautiful and fulfilled life doing what you love.. ☺

Yes! business is about serving other people and enriching and adding value to their lives, but not at the expense of your own happiness…


The Colour Of Your Success

Josef Stuefer

Image by Josef Stuefer


When you think about “Success” – what comes up for you?

Fear! Doubt! It’s not possible for me? OR are You totally tapped into it and fully living and feeling the success of your SUCCESS!

What does the ‘Colour of Success’ look like to you? Do you feel connected to the image of success or disconnected?

Is it bright, bold and Colourful? Does it make you feel happy?

Or is the colour of success to you dark, dull and blurry? Do you look at the picture and think: Who am I kidding, I can’t do this? I will never be successful??

By now, you should know that I am all about the Mindset! Before you can succeed at anything in life, you have to have the right mindset and belief that you can and will succeed. Otherwise you are just chasing your tail, spinning your wheels and will find it difficult to get the results you desire.

Mindset is at the core of my philosophy, because to create great success, wealth and happiness, you have to start with the Mind.

Because at the end of the day, your daily experiences in Life, Business and work are a result of the way you think and feel.


Lose Yourself To Dance…

Sabrina CampagnaImage by Sabrina Campagna


‘Lose Yourself To Dance’ – I have been hearing this song being played all week. And listening to it, got me thinking.. Lose your self to dance…the dance of life naturally came to mind.

Hmmm… Life is a sequence of steps, some deliberate, some taken out of curiosity and some just taken without thinking..

However when you are fulfilling your dreams and ambitions, some careful choreography of steps is required along the way. To keep you motivated and inspired, you have to have a rhythm and a beat that resonates with you, and that leads you to your desired goals..

More importantly you do need some kind of plan or map to get you there. You see, in Life and in Business, its not a question of how good you are, its how good you want to be and without some kind of plan or strategy, you are just going in circles.


Money Love!

(Image by Alan Houlahan)

Most of us Femmes have a love/hate relationship with money – We Love having money and we Hate not having enough of it! ☺

However there are Femmes amongst us that are indifferent to money. But the truth is until you understand money and what it can do for you and how to connect with it in a healthy way, you are going to find it difficult to achieve the kind of success you want and dream about.

You see the way we feel about money impacts every area of our life. My mentor often says that the ‘way you do money, is the way you do everything’ And it’s so blooming true!

So when you think about money – how do you feel? For Example:~

  • Are you consistently living in fear of never having enough?
  • Do you feel guilty about putting too much importance of having money?
  • Doubt your abilities of generating lots of it?
  • Ignoring and/or avoiding anything to do with your finances?

If you don’t have a handle on your money then Femme Darling, you are getting in your own way of having the kind of life you truly want and deserve.


Just F*cking Do it!!

post-2Image by Febisola91


I recently attended an NLP training in London given by one of its co-founders Richard Bandler.

Myself and approximately 250 other delegates from the around the world learnt so much during this awesome, empowering and fun week.

We faced our fears and phobias and realized that everything you do in life good or bad, is based on your current beliefs and the choices you make.

To change a negative situation into a positive is as simple as making new and better choices, which have lasting effects, for which you need the right set of strategies…!

Wow! I came away from the training feeling invincible, ready to take on the world, and the one phrase that stuck in my mind from that week, which acted as a powerful motivator was “Just f*cking Do it!”


The Most Expensive Accessory In The World!

As this is my very first blog post, I couldn’t think of anything better to start off with…


So I thought I would post this picture and ask you what’s the FIRST thing you notice about this woman? – Her red handbag? OR perhaps the tattoo on her foot? BUT I am hoping you will say her Big Beautiful SMILE!

If so correct! It is her smile and doesn’t she just look effortlessly beautiful and happy whilst exuding an air of confidence and fun…