Dude, Where’s My Food?



Picture the scene – you’re meeting up with your sister and taking her out for a birthday lunch at restaurant of her choosing.

You’re both excited and looking forward to a delicious lunch and a fun catch up!

The waiter presents the menu and you both order your dishes..

And then you and your sis go back to your conversation and about 25 minutes pass and your order still hasn’t arrived.

Then the waiter casually strolls by to let you know, that your order will be a further 10 minutes late as the chef didn’t see your ticket for the order!

When the food does eventually arrive – you are lost for words and its not because you’re impressed with the food!

But you decide to tuck in anyway, as it’s your sister’s birthday and you don’t want to make a fuss.

However, your sister sends her food back twice – Firstly, because the waiter had got the order wrong (which is hardly surprising, as he didn’t even bother writing your order down, he chose to memorise it instead!), and Secondly, because the food was just plain dull and lacking any love or taste!!

But, when the waiter asks YOU, if all is ok with meal, you lie and say its great, but you wont be able to finish all of it, because your so full already.

And you’re thinking Phew! Got away with that one!

That is until he asks, if you would you like him to pack it up for you so that you can take it away with you and enjoy it later!

So again, you don’t want to be awkward and you say “Yes that would be luverly!”

You go to the pay the bill, and the waiter thinks he has done you a huge favour by not including your sister’s returned order, but still has the audacity to slap on a 12.5% service charge! and asks if you are happy for it to be included?

Oh No You Didn’t??? 

And because you have “Pathetic Pleaser” written across your forehead, you say “Yes that’s ok” – whilst he is thinking “what a pushover”!!

And so you leave the restaurant with a takeaway box of food that even your dog would turn his nose up at, and you feeling poorer both in pocket and in spirit, than before you went in!

And for the rest of the day and night you are kicking and cursing yourself for not having the flippin’ self respect and guts to telling the waiter to stick his bill where the sun don’t shine!

Well that was me and my sis in that picture last week!!

So what point am I trying to make with this story?!! >>> Boundaries, Boundaries, Boundaries!

I certainly forgot to take my empowering boundaries along with me that day, and wasn’t practicing what I am about to preach to you Now!!

If you’re tolerating bad service in one area of your life and not making a stand, where else are you putting up with crap in your life?

Who/what are you tolerating at the expense of not wanting to make a fuss – such as bad service; bad relationship; bad manners; disrespectful people;

If you’re putting up with crap in any area of your life – then exactly what value are you placing on your self and what is it telling other people about you?

It’s not about throwing tantrums or being a diva and making outrageous demands.

But its totally about respecting your boundaries, and what you will and wont put up with as someone who respects and values herself.

So when a situation arises, where you know that you are being treated disrespectfully, then you need to own your worth and gracefully stand up for yourself.


“What you tolerate becomes your standard in life”


Don’t get me wrong, there are things outside of our control, that we have no choice and have to tolerate – like bad weather, traffic, taxes..

However, there is that everyday stuff that we have been putting up with for so long, that we almost become immune to it, but it nevertheless chips away at our self worth and self esteem.

For example:

Draining Relationships

Unhealthy Eating

Putting up with Negativity

Living in a messy & Cluttered Space

Getting the life you want, starts with raising your standards, which starts with becoming aware of the crap you’re putting up with on a daily basis.

If you want life to respect you in all areas, it always starts with how you wanted to be treated.

So what are we going to do about it darling? – Because I just want you to live your worth every day, so you have to start taking notice of who you are being, and as a result what you’re attracting back.

So here is what I want you to do:

Pick a couple of areas in your life e.g,

Worke.g. being late – either you always being late or others being late

Healthe.g. skipping breakfast; eating too many takeaways

Relationshipse.g. putting others first all the time

Homee.g. not throwing out the rubbish; not fixing the flickering light bulb >> what’s a flickering light bulb gotta do with blooming wealth you may be asking ??!

Well if you are able to put up with these seemingly, meaningless annoyances – then your going to probably be in the habit of putting up with the bigger stuff in life too no matter how annoying or frustrating it is! >>>> Remember how you do one thing, is how you do everything! ☺

Financese.g. paying your bills at the last minute

These are just suggestions, but the idea is to start noticing your daily habits, and what you have been tolerating, and how “putting up” has negatively impact your life big or small.

Its time to start raising your standards darling, and start putting in some sexy and empowering boundaries, which are going to spice up your life and give you a renewed sense of you, your energy and your self worth and standards!

BTW I got all my money back!!  Thanks to my sister (who totally owns her worth!)

She was sooo wound up by the whole situation, that she called up the next day and complained to the owner and got a full refund with a little extra on top, as it was her Birthday ~ RESULT!!


So, over to You Darling >>> P-u-r-r-l-e-e-a-s-e  SHARE with me some of the crap you have been putting up with, you know you need let go of in your life?!! ☺



Love, Blossom & Shine xxx,



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