Gratitude Is The New Black


Darling have you noticed just when you think life is going well, Sh*t blooming happens to disrupt the flow!

Why? Why now..

I’ve found from my own experiences that this usually happens when we start getting complacent about life and taking things for granted– be it in our business, work, love life – sure enough, up comes something to disrupt that place of comfort.

And then suddenly things start going a bit wierd and you start a pity party for one (I was seriously having one of “those” days yesterday!), forgetting how lucky we already are in our life.

I’ll be honest, I know in the past, I took a lot of my life for granted – family, money, job – and then in 2005 I lost a loved one, my job and all my money in a bad investment…. oh and a relationship (which honestly, when I look back, I am so Grateful it ended, even though at the time I was melodramatically devastated!).

So I guess I had every reason to feel sorry for myself, and if someone had told me back then “to count my blessings as there is someone out there who is much worse off than me” – well I’m sure words of Gratitude for this reminder would not been the first thing on my mind!

But when you hit rock bottom – you have two options – you can stay down there using that as a reason to blame the world and the Universe for the cards it has dealt you, OR you start searching for the Whys? that will empower you to get back up and start again!

Luckily, I went for the second option, during which time I came across the Power of Gratitude.

I learnt that even though I was in such dismal place in my life (and at times feeling what’s the point of carrying on), I was so lucky and grateful that I had the love & support of my family and friends who helped me get back on track.

(Apart from the loss of my loved one) the best thing that could have happened to me was losing my job and money and relationship, because this totally changed my outlook on life and how I wanted to live my life going forward.

And for that I am truly Grateful.

Now, generally, we have all been in situations where something or someone has dampened our mood and taken us down the road of feeling sorry for ourself; or feeling bad; guilty about a situation etc

Well as soon as you become aware you’re doing this, you need to FLIP that thinking and STOP dwelling on it ASAP, and start getting busy thinking what you can be grateful for right now.. Because no matter how bad your situation, there is something you can always be grateful for..

And I know you are going to be resistant at first when you read that.

Try it! Don’t Doubt it!

This is so important. If you want more of the good stuff, then be thankful for every thing good in your life now, no matter how small.

If your Boss has p*ssed you off; or a client is trying to get you to renegotiate the terms of an agreement; or a contractor has failed to meet a deadline; or your partner has missed your birthday its easy to start venting – but honestly does it ever make the situation better – NO!

Because what you resist, persists

The situation is what it is – so get yourself out of venting mode, and start thinking of how many things (the more the merrier) you can be grateful for, even in that moment of frustration.

It’s all about changing your vibration and therefore the outcome of the situation.

For Example..

*I am grateful that I have this job (whilst I plan my exit strategy!), which allows me to use the printer to make endless copies of my marketing material for free ☺

*I am grateful for the fact that I am blessed with good health.

*I am grateful for the fact that I a have a roof over my head and food in my belly.

*I am grateful for the fact that I have a closet full of clothes to choose from, even if still can’t find anything to wear.

*I am grateful for the fact that I have my own business and I get to choose how I want to feel about this situation.

Magnitude Gratitude

When you’re coming from the place of gratitude you are telling the Universe – I deserve  ~ I am worthy.

I love life, I appreciate life and I want more of this good feeling.

You’re on the highest vibrational frequency of self worth and deserving, and the more you are grateful the more you are appreciating life, and the Universe is just gonna send you more of it..

The Power of Gratitude is powerful stuff, BUT you have to be sincere when you’re giving Gratitude – you have to feel it on the inside.

Gratitude is the attitude that improves the quality of life.

Bob Proctor ~ who was one of the Entrepreneurs in the film “The Secret” – says of Gratitude:

 “Gratitude is the attitude that hooks you up to your source of supply and understand this: the closer you get to the source, the greater the supply”


Gosh that is deliciously powerful stuff, right? ☺


So Gorgeous Femme, you are human and its perfectly natural every now and then to have one of “those days”, when you’ll feel that life is just so unfair, and you’ll want to get angry at the world and those around you; you’ll want to cry your eyes out or even want to give up on your business or job.

But always remember “This too Shall Pass”


Grateful for another day


And whilst your sitting there with a hot cup of tea, or maybe lying in bed with the duvet pulled over your head thinking why is life so blooming hard – Ask yourself: In this moment what can I be grateful for?

I would start off with maybe the hot cup of tea; or the warm cosy bed that your lying in… ☺

So make Gratitude a Habit!! Let it be your tool to get you back into good vibration and keep you in that Wealth Mindset!

So Darling in the comment below, i would love to hear what you are grateful for?

If you are already using Gratitude in your life – how has it changed your life?


Love, Blossom & Shine xxx,



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