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My Blogpost pic_authorIt’s AUTUMN! – which usually marks the harvest season in the agricultural world.

And harvest season is essentially the time to reap what has been sown earlier in the year.

It’s about reflection, giving gratitude for what has already been provided and preservation of what can be leveraged and utilised going forward!


So I was feeling a bit clever in my thinking, about how this principle of ‘harvesting’ applies to our goals and what we have achieved so far this year, in our life.

Hence, this weeks blog post!

So when you look back over the last 10 months – how do you feel?

Do you like what you see?

And where is your Focus – on what you achieved and succeeded in or what you have not yet achieved?

Now, interestingly, the Element connected to Autumn – is Metal, and the Emotion connected to Metal is – Sadness or Grief:


Autumn graphic

Whoa Whoa Whoa!

So before you start going down the path of OMG I still haven’t got this, that and the other in my life – I want you to chill and accept where your currently at – whether it’s what you wanted or didn’t want.

Acknowledge the successes and wins however small or insignificant you think they may be, and give yourself a big High Five – because Girlfriend! You, together with the Universe, co created it!

Yes, you Powerful Being and Creator of your reality – it wasn’t sheer luck or chance that made it happen – your good vibrations and magnetism made it happen!

And then, if you must console yourself, over what has not yet manifested, then just know it’s a really good position to be in!


How so Roxy?!


Well when you look at the stuff that you don’t have, or don’t want in your life – it just get’s you clear on what you absolutely do want!!

Because “harvest time” is about taking stock of what you have achieved and manifested in your life so far; seeing what has worked; and which actions have given you the best fruits for your efforts.

And then make peace with what hasn’t happened yet, in the knowing that what you still want to manifest, is only a healthy high frequency vibration away! 🙂

This perfect, beautiful marker point in the calendar is just a status check.

It’s about “picking” and “gathering” the good stuff you made happen and bloomin’ celebrating the successes and wins.

Appreciating you and giving gratitude to the Almighty, in whatever meaningful form the Almighty signifies to you.


Surrender and Let Go…

It’s time to surrender and let go of what’s not working and just BE ok with where you are at.

To “surrender” comes from a place of feeling powerFUL – because somewhere you’re a letting go with an innate trust in the Universe that it’s going to turn out well for you.

Whereas feeling like a victim, comes from a place of feeling powerLESS – and giving your power away, and not trusting in yourself or your ability that things can and will turn around.

Feeling powerless ain’t going to bring you what you want, any faster!

So reflect, appreciate, celebrate and focus on the the abundance you have manifested so far, in whatever form it has manifested.

Let’s just bask in the glory and appreciate the good stuff, Ok?! 🙂


So before I love you and leave you for now – I invite you to do following:

1)  Accept where your at and be at peace with it – because your current reality is not your forever reality .

2)  Ride the tidal wave of crappy emotions (Note: ride the wave NOT drown yourself in it) and then start incrementally moving up the emotional scale until you’re feeling good again.

And I say incrementally – because you can’t go from feeling a “Debbie Downer” to feeling “Hannah Happy” in one fell swoop.

You have to feel your way up the emotional ladder – one emotion at a time until you get to a place of feeling good.

)  Celebrate the Wins – because what you appreciate – APPRECIATES!

So make sure you focus on the positives (and not the negatives – as it works the other way too!)

Raise a glass and toast yourself, and bask in your awesomeness and femme-tastic magnetising power.

Because it’s feeling good first – then comes manifestation.


So get into alignment with what you want, by increasing your good feeling which will activate your wealth vibration – before you take any action on anything – so that you’re always a magnet to the fabulous stuff you want to bring into your life – money, love, joy, fun, happiness etc



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