Know Thyself

2014 new year quotes this is your year 2014 make it happen


Ok New year – New start and you’re definitely going to make this year different from all the rest – Right!

This year you are definitely going to quit your job and start your own business;

You’re going to make sure you get that promotion and pay rise!

No Wait – you’re going to make more money than you ever did in your previous job or business.

Your going to get healthy, fall in love, travel the world etc etc etc

Well these were some of your resolutions at the start of 2014 (oooh… about a week ago!) and as is usually the case with resolutions – you have already fallen off the wagon.

whats a new year resolution


You see in order to get where you want to – you first have to recognise where you’re at.

And if you really want to know where you’re at – then just take a closer look at how you do things habitually on a daily basis without any conscious thought:

How do you live each day?

How do you approach tasks, project, your work, business, your relationships etc?

How do you treat people?

How do you react or respond to what’s going on around you?


If you want to be successful in life – you have to get to know thyself first, by noticing how your habits are controlling your life, and are stopping you from achieving your goals.

Then you have to change the way you’re doing life currently, by changing your bad habits & replacing them with some good ones.

For example, if your a late starter, try getting up half an hour earlier and study or read something that will expand your mind…

Resolutions are pointless –  but we still make them to kind of make us feel we are getting back into action and making us feel better for using Christmas as an excuse to behave a little more recklessly ☺

So if you really want to get into action and achieve what you set out to before the end of this year, then you want to start setting some SMART goals.

And by S-M-A-R-T, I mean:

Specific – what exactly do you want?

Measurable – breaking your goals down and establishing a criteria for measuring your progress.

Achievable – planning your steps and establishing a time frame that will allow you to carry out those steps to attain your goals.

Realistic – your goals must be an outcome toward which you’re both willing and able to work, and believe they can be truly accomplished. So ensure that your goal is enough of a stretch for you so that you don’t lose motivation, and not too easy that you get lazy.

Time-Orientated – Goals need to have a time frame attached by when they need to be met, otherwise there’s no sense of urgency. A time fame makes your goal real and sends a message to your brain that this is going to happen. However, make sure you put a time frame that’s not too far in the future as you will get bored and not too near that you feel overwhelmed and give up before you have even started.


So Gorgeous Femme – I want you to play detective this week and find out a little bit more about yourself and noticing how you do things on autopilot and how you are getting in your own way.


Would love to know what you discovered, so please let me know in the comments below! ☺


Love, Blossom & Shine xxx,



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