Like Attracts Like

like attracts like


My Blogpost pic_authorManifesting life’s abundance – wealth, success and happiness – is not a secret –> it’s simply a process!

It’s much like being in relationship!

Lets use Money as an example… You have to first know how to attract money to you; and secondly, you have to know how to keep money interested in you, and finally, you have to know how to get it to stick, and make that commitment to you! ☺

And that goes for love too, because money and love are interchangeable.. they are simply both the same energy.

We are bubbles of energy – and depending on the how high or low; positive or negative your energy is  – will determine if you’re magnetising something to you, or repelling it away from you.

So if you’re love story and money story are a bit lacklustre – then take a look at how you’re doing one or the other >>> because how you do one thing is how you everything!


Money & Love – Love a good Part-ay!!

If you feel crap about you – then money and love ain’t gonna want to hang out with you for long.

They’re both fickle!!! ☺

Money and love like hanging out where the party’s at – good music; happy people; people who are really loving life and are living it to the fullest – whatever that looks like for them.

Money and Love, like attention – and if you ain’t giving it – you ain’t gonna get it! Simples!☺

Yep! money is insecure! – If it’s not getting your attention, it’s going to disappear on you.


“Money (and Love) go where they are Welcome, and stay where they are Comfortable”


So darling be honest with yourself – how much are you loving YOU right now!

Because if you’re always focusing on that is lacking in your life – if you’re walking around feeling sorry for yourself – do you think the fun loving go getters are going to want to hang out with you? – NO!!

The only people – who are going to hang out with you, are those who feel the same as you do – like attracts like!

Therefore, Money needs love and attention – that’s what it thrives on – that’s what keeps it alive and expanding.

As I said earlier – we are energy vibration, and wherever there is a vibrational match – i.e. your vibrating love – money wants to hang out with you!

But that doesn’t mean you have to put money on a pedestal and worship it – because it maybe insecure but its definitely NOT egotistical.

It just wants YOU to feel good around IT, so that IT can feel good around You.

It wants to be your friend and will stick around, for  as long as you’re feeling good and respectful of you – then energetically, money also feels loved, attended to, and respected ☺

And hey, as long as your feeling super loved up about yourself and life – then guess what – Money and Love are going to bring their buddies along too, to keep you company 🙂

So that means more money, more love, more of the good stuff, will just continue expanding and coming your way.

I hope this is making sense, darling..

I hope your’e beginning to understand, how the energy of money and love work?

Once you got the mindset in place and you’re conditioning yourself to wealth everyday – then keeping money and love in your life as your humble servants – is going to be more fun and less of a struggle.



Something for you to try out…

Alex of GothenburgThe next time you get your purse out to buy something – don’t just clamber around for the money in your purse, or begrudging the lack of it, or that you have to pay out for something.

Instead, get excited and acknowledge the money you have right now – which is allowing you to make this purchase, and then send it off with love.

Acknowledge the money that is already there now.

Acknowledge the money that comes into your life daily – whether it’s a penny you find on the ground, or loose change you find at the bottom of your bag – be grateful for it darling.

Because, the more you appreciate what you already have – the more IT appreciates. ☺


So Darling over to you – How loved up are you with you? Have you noticed, how easy, breezy life feels and things manifest, when you’re feeling good?

Would Love, Love, Love to hear your comments below…




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