Lose Yourself To Dance…

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‘Lose Yourself To Dance’ – I have been hearing this song being played all week. And listening to it, got me thinking.. Lose your self to dance…the dance of life naturally came to mind.

Hmmm… Life is a sequence of steps, some deliberate, some taken out of curiosity and some just taken without thinking..

However when you are fulfilling your dreams and ambitions, some careful choreography of steps is required along the way. To keep you motivated and inspired, you have to have a rhythm and a beat that resonates with you, and that leads you to your desired goals..

More importantly you do need some kind of plan or map to get you there. You see, in Life and in Business, its not a question of how good you are, its how good you want to be and without some kind of plan or strategy, you are just going in circles.

Its all about self preparing yourself and for that your need to define and plan your goals however loosely, and knowing that along the way, with determination and passion you will get to your goal.

Greatest value in life is not what you get – its what you become in reaching your goals ~ Jim Rohn


Once you have a defined goal in place, it’s then about doing what it takes no matter what. At first you may not even know where to start and how to achieve what you want. However, until you take at least the first step, you will never know.

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They say that life begins at the end of your comfort zone, and its so true, if you choose to stay where you are, you are missing out on a world endless possibilities and inevitable success..

Its taking a deep breath and believing in yourself and saying no matter what, I am going to make it happen. You can say this many times to yourself and get no where, because its only when you say it with intensity, passion and purpose that your words will send ripples into the Universe and then OMG the magic starts to happen..

I recently read will.i.am’s (of Black Eyed Pea Fame) twitter tag line which is a clever take of his name “i.am…i.can…i.will” – pretty cool, Yes? He truly embodys the ‘can do’ mind-set in both name and attitude ~ and I bet ‘I can’t’ is not part of his vocabulary!

To get ahead in life, its about starting from where you are at, and not waiting until everything is perfect, otherwise you will have reached the end of your life before you know it waiting for things to be perfect and still not have started!!

To be Successful in life, you have to change the way you have done things in the past, that haven’t got you the results you have wanted so far..

Insanity is doing the same things over and over again  and expecting different results ~ Albert Einstein


Doh! That was my biggest AHA! moment. I was such a victim of routine, that wouldn’t know a shortcut if it slapped me in the face!

Straying away from my routine would fill me with guilt and apprehension! But of what..?!! My E-G-O that’s what!! Trying to keep me safe and in my confort zone..

But once I started thinking outside of the box and doing things differently for a change, well amazing results started to happen and things started to change for me. I grew in confidence when I saw life starting to happen.. I started believing that success was possible for me too, because I was now seeing tangible results.

And the best thing about believing is that once you start thinking success, you start attracting success. In all kinds of unexpected ways ~ random opportunities start coming your way.

So yes, when I just lost myself to the dance of life, plugging away and just going with the flow, I was allowing the Universe to work out the How’s, just as long as I took action towards my goals, no matter how small.

And when I look back, and realised in just what I have achieved in the last 10 months, well I am amazed.. That I created my success! And I want the same for you, and you to know and believe that you can achieve greatness and success in your life too with the right strategies, tools and most of all the right Mindset!

So Beautiful Courageous Femme, here are a few things that I learnt along the way, and would love to share with you, so you too can believe in making the impossible possible:~

1) You have to a goal and vision – and then a plan to make it happen. You may not know right now what all the steps in that plan are, but it is enough that you just start from where you are.

Without a goal, you have no direction, as you have nothing driving you forward in pursuing your dreams.

2) When you think about Success – don’t think Average! As just thinking average, is not going to motivate or inspire you to get you to take action! You need to thing BIG. You want to be the Best in what you want to do or achieve, because this will encourage you to take bigger and bolder decisions.

3) Don’t be scared of making mistakes – because I can assure you that your biggest gifts and breakthroughs are in the mistakes you make along the way of pursuing your goals. So don’t beat yourself up when something doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to. Acknowledge it, learn from the experience and then move on.. Don’t dwell on it as you will fall at the first hurdle! Get up and keep moving..

4) Greatness, Success and Riches are not reserved for the smartest, good looking or talented. No No No Darling!

Look around at all the successful people in the world and you will see what I mean. Instead of wondering how the blooming heck did they get famous or successful?!! Get curious about them whether you admire them or not, and see what actions they took to make it.

One thing you will notice is that they didn’t give up. They believed in themselves, they kept going even when doors were slammed in their face and most importantly they were tenacious and resilient, no matter how long it took them to achieve their goals… They just knew they wanted to be rich and successful and so made it happen.

5) Hang out with people who have already made it in Business and Life, either physically or vicariously! ☺ If you want to make impossible dreams possible, then you need to look at those people who are the movers and shakers of your industry or in general life.

Pay attention to the Rags-to-Riches stories that you hear nearly everyday, because there is great wisdom in these stories. If they did it, then so can you. It’s all about learning and modelling other people’s success to make success possible for you.

And OK this next one maybe a little off track from the 5 above, but it helps me, so I am going to throw it in for fun, but also to make a point of doing whatever it takes to keep that critical and self limiting mind chatter on mute!

And its one of my favourites and goes back to my title for this post: Lose Your Self To Dance!

You see whenever I feel like giving up! When things are just not going my way on a particular day – I just dance it out of my system. Switch on your favourite song, one that makes you feel on top of the world, invincible and that all is possible for you and you are SO going to make it happen!! And then just shake a little *ss and dance like you just don’t care! ☺

Rinse and Repeat until you are exploding with the feel good factor! And I am telling you this will get you all fired up and get you into action and snap you out of any negative thoughts and excuses.

(Cautionary Note! ~ Best not to do this whilst in the middle of a Business meeting..)

My current favourite is of course ☺ ~ ‘Lose Yourself To Dance’ ~ by Daft Punk/Pharell Williams

But a few more suggestions! ☺

Only Girl In The World – Rihanna
I’m Every Woman – Chaka Khan
Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves – Aretha Franklin
Locked Out Of Heaven – Bruno Mars
Sex On Fire – Kings of Leon
Believer – Goldfrapp
This Girl Is On Fire – Alicia Keys
Free – Ultra Nate
Get The Party Started – Pink
I Gotta Feeling – Black eyed Peas

Lose yourself to the dance.. Lose yourself to the rhythm of life and just let go.. See where life takes you.. And soon you will start to see the doors of opportunity open one by one.. But Remember! YOU HAVE TO TAKE ACTION EVERYDAY, NO MATTER HOW SMALL..!

I would love, love, love  to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below, of what YOU have learned along the way in Business & Life.

And if you liked this post, please feel free to share to like minded and heart centred femmes..


Love, Blossom & Shine xxx,


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