Loves Me Loves Me Not – Part 2 of 3: You, Money and Business


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Slide1In the past I have put my hand to many failed ventures, and one of which was an epic fail.

Back in 2005 – certain events happened in my life, which were fatalistic ones, that pushed me on a path which was to eventually lead me to what I’m doing today.

So, back then, I was at a point where I was not a in a good place emotionally due to a family loss and having somehow attracted a romantic relationship straight from the land of doomsville!!

Anyway at this point in my life – things looked bleak, so I decided to add another element of chaos to it –  by having a bright idea, that it was the perfect time to leave my well paid corporate career and start my own business!

…. Have you ever had that feeling where your gut is telling you its not a good idea, and you somewhere also know its not a good idea, and because you know that your family and friends will also agree that its not a good idea – you decide to keep THIS idea to yourself – so you don’t get talked out of it!!


So, because I was so desperate to change the current course of my life – I decided to buy a Hair and Beauty Salon from a woman, who was so desperate to sell it, because  she knew she was sitting on a rotten egg.

She was just waiting for the first gullible chick with more money than sense, who she could convince it was a booming business (she was apparently selling, as she was moving abroad!!) and therefore the price was a bargain – Cue “Gullible Chick” ->> Roxy C’mon Down! (I know! What was i thinking!!)

Served me right!! I was an exact match to her desperation in wanting to get rid of it, and my own in wanting to escape my current reality!!

So, where is this leading Roxy?

Well – this was my first real foray into business. I had this rose-tinted view that because I liked all things hair and beauty – the hair salon was perfect ,and I would have plenty of clients, and money would just be rolling in!!

The day after i got the keys for the salon – I knew I had made a big mistake! I had no idea of how to run a salon; hiring and managing staff etc

I had got into business just because i thought it was a sure fire to make money. I mean I loved hair and beauty,  but it wasn’t something I wanted to do as a business.

I had attracted a business which was reflecting back to me, exactly what I was feeling about myself, my self worth and about my life!!

I was at a point in my life where I felt life was not in my control, vulnerable, not good enough and insecure where my life was heading and my identity.

In the next 7 months, i tried to do everything to make it work – working long days and weekends; discounting my services; practically giving my services away for free; not asking for help; feeling undervalued and under appreciated

Anyway eventually, i had to face up to the reality and my pride and I walked away – literally walked away. I lost £80,000 which was made up of my savings and remortgage of my flat.

So, 3 major lessons learned about myself and money, from my epic business failure:

1).  Don’t start a business simply because you think its going to make you money !!

You have to be passionate about it otherwise it just like having a job you don’t like!

“Because money follows your passion not your desperation!” (Tweetable!)


ACTION STEP ->>>   Always have a compelling “WHY” for anything you do!! Its what is going to serve you and keep you motivated and super charged when you feel like giving up

2) Having flaky Boundaries –>>> T
his is a Biggie and is a common money block

Because you don’t feel that you are enough and need to be validated by others, you end up being a People Pleaser by practically giving your services way.

If you don’t believe in your services neither will your clients, so you’re not going to attract your ideal clients.

You think by giving your services at such low rates or for free, people are going to appreciate you and want to stick with you.

You feel you have to keep prices low, otherwise how will they be able to afford you and so you will be missing out getting paid work.

Either way you’re putting them before you, as everyone else is more important than you.

Now whilst business is about serving others– it definitely isn’t about validating your self worth through serving others, that is at a great cost to you.

money boundariesIf you want clients to respect you, your time and paying you your worth – it has to start with you – respecting and honouring yourself first!

You have to set the boundaries of what you will and wont put up with.

Having flaky boundaries keeps us playing small, not to mention leading to overwhelm and overworked.

Flaky boundaries deplete you of energy and motivation to keep up. Eventually you lose your passion and everything seems such a struggle.

And that darling, then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy – you attract more of it in and making money keeps being a struggle.

You need to switch your beliefs and believe that you ARE perfect as you are, and you deserve to get paid your worth.

After all you have invested time, money and energy learning what you teach – so you deserve to be charging and getting your worth.

Generally, what happens is that when you honour YOU, your time and gifts, the time wasters and price shoppers fall away,  and clients who truly appreciate you and your services come forward.

ACTION STEP –>>>  Look at where you are giving your power away, and ask your self how much is it costing you.  By respecting your time, energy and your gifts – you will attract clients that reflect this back to you.

 passion v pay 3).  Let go of the struggle!

Is there something you are doing in your business, that you feel you should or you have to, simply because you have invested a lot of time and energy, but you no longer are feeling it.

When you’re not ‘feeling it’ – energetically you’re potential clients will pick this up too, and will not be takers of your offer, no matter how amazing and of value you think it is.

When you let go of something that no longer serves you (for me it was letting go and walking away from the business after 7 months), you release blocked energy, and allow your creativity to blossom; and create breakthroughs – ideas, circumstances, people- that are more impactful and beneficial in generating more income ,that would easily cover any previous investment that you feel has been wasted.

Letting go of the struggle is about being authentic – when you follow your passion – then money flows in more easily.

ACTION STEP – >>>   Let go of what no longer serves you. If you’re not enjoying it – then making money from it will seem hard – this goes back to my lesson 1 above.


So darling over to you – is money loving you or not in your business?

If you’re struggling with the flow of abundance coming in – then look at your Big why; Where are you giving your power away and What are you hanging on to, that no longer serves you.

Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see your comments and revelations in the boxes below! ☺



Love, Blossom & Shine xxx,



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