Loves Me Loves Me Not – Part 3 of 3: You, Money and Work



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In this final part of the series of whether money loves you or not – is about your work.

Now, when you choose to go into business – ideally it’s because you want to pursue your passion and live life on your terms.

But not everyone wants to be his or her own boss.

However, the rules of business could easily apply to your day job i.e. having a job that values you and your time – and one that pays you your worth.

Having come from a corporate background– I noticed that the most favourable outcomes that I have had in my work and income – were the times when I believed in me and my value and went for jobs and increases in pay, even though others around me told me otherwise.

The swings in my income were not due to a bad economy or recession etc – because there was still evidence of people landing great jobs and pay packages.

My increase and any drop in income, was directly impacted by what I thought and felt about myself during those times.

So when I think about my pay packet in my last day job, it was less than satisfactory.

In the final 2 years of corporate life, i was not happy bunny.  I was continuously being told that I should be grateful for what I’m getting paid; even though they expected me to take on more work and work longer hours.

It had become apparent to me (Doh!!) that I was just another number in a large sequence of numbers! where essentially you put up or shut up!!

Where was the love, respect and appreciation???

The straw that broke the camels back

January 2013 – I had an appraisal from doomsville given by strictly text book  “mechanical”  manager, who made me feel inadequate and worthless.

I had worked as hard as I could in 2012 (whilst dealing with the death of my mother who had passed at the end 2011) – only to be told that I had not pulled my weight, and furthermore that grieving for my mother 1 year on after her passing, meant I must be psychologically unstable and needed to be referred to occupational health!

Ok maybe they didn’t mean it that way – but that’s how I took it!!

Now at that moment something clicked, and I thought SCR*W YOU!! and your heartless work ethics and pathetic excuses to not pay me my dues.

And I made a decision that enough is enough and that before the end of the year I would be outta there!!

However, I was adamant to leave the corporate world on a high, and a mind set shift in the way I treated my work, was needed.


Loving what you do, even if its not what you want right now

I started injecting love back into my work for my own sanity and self-respect, and started treating my job and my role differently.

I started to empower my voice, actions and boundaries in a way that was respectful of me – and no longer was i going to be trampled on.  And For the first time in 2 years, I felt back in control.

I started to work smarter not harder!

And out of nowhere, more favourable job offers were being presented to me and I was getting more recognition at work and beyond.

When you start respecting YOU and stop allowing others to dictate your self worth – you can change your financial destiny.

Start by empowering your boundaries and decide what you are no longer willing to put up with.


How to increase your Negotiating Power!

Knowledge and preparation is power – anytime you want to discuss a change or a pay rise, arrange a time to speak with your manager/boss when you are feeling empowered and not out of sheer frustration.

So don’t have any discussions about your pay with your bosses, until you have done a little research on what the market is offering.

Otherwise you’re basically seen as part of the fixture and fittings and currently have no negotiating power!

Then from a place of empowerment, tell them how you feel, and why you deserve a pay rise/promotion.

Speak about where you have added value over and above your job description and highlight your successes.

If you still get back the usual crap, of how they appreciate what you are doing, but times are difficult and people are getting laid off and there is nothing else they can do blah blah blah – I suggest you switch off right there and then, and start looking for another job!

If your employer doesn’t appreciate you or recognise your achievements at this point – they never will!!  

Honestly Darling you are worth more – so don’t waste anymore time or energy where you are not appreciated or valued and start looking elsewhere.


How to Get a Pay Increase and a Promotion in one go!

Get yourself out there and start looking for another job!!

Procrastination will set in and the mind gremlins will start telling you why you’re better off where you are – e.g. better the devil you know; what if the next job involves working longer hours; you have to update your cv again; wait until the end of the year until after bonus time blah blah blah..

Ignore them!! Remember success is 80% mindset – the rest is putting in the effort and taking action!

Each minute you are procrastinating – you are depriving yourself of better pay and greater job satisfaction.

Also it’s a huge disservice to your net worth, as there are plenty of new employers out their waiting to hire you and utilise your talents and experience in much more impactful way and are willing to pay you your worth.


To get what you want in life, you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Instead of going for a job in your normal income bracket apply for one that’s in the next income bracket – quickest way to give yourself a pay increase and promotion!

It may well feel like a stretch – but if you’re going to increase your net worth, you need to start aiming higher.

The only thing that is getting in the way of you getting that pay increase (and promotion in one go!) is your perceived value of yourself!

I challenge you to try out just as an experiment! See it as a game – that way you wont be attached to the outcome. You may just surprise yourself and get the job, even if you weren’t intentionally looking


Just the act of DOING is going to change your energy and start opening doors which you hadn’t considered or noticed before.

Darling – stop the struggle and pushing against the tide and start living, charging and getting your worth!

So can you see how all 3 blog posts in the series are linked? Can you see the pattern –  how you do one thing is how you do everything!

How you do money is how you do life!

In Relationships, Business and work, you have to set boundaries in terms of what you will and will not put up with. You have to honour and respect yourself first.

If you are always putting others first in one area of your life, then that is how you are acting in all other areas of your life too.

So if you want more money, more clients or a better relationship that is worthy of you, you need to start loving and respecting you and feeling good about yourself if you want life to reflect this back.

You have to be in in alignment to that which you want to attract in life.

You have to own your value and worth and then abundance on all levels will start flowing in easily and effortlessy.


So would love to hear your comments below, how you are feeling the love where money and your work are concerned.

Are you feeling overworked and underpaid?

Are you feeling overlooked and undervalued?

Or are you Rocking your Self Worth!?


Love, Blossom & Shine xxx,



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