Money Love!

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Most of us Femmes have a love/hate relationship with money – We Love having money and we Hate not having enough of it! ☺

However there are Femmes amongst us that are indifferent to money. But the truth is until you understand money and what it can do for you and how to connect with it in a healthy way, you are going to find it difficult to achieve the kind of success you want and dream about.

You see the way we feel about money impacts every area of our life. My mentor often says that the ‘way you do money, is the way you do everything’ And it’s so blooming true!

So when you think about money – how do you feel? For Example:~

  • Are you consistently living in fear of never having enough?
  • Do you feel guilty about putting too much importance of having money?
  • Doubt your abilities of generating lots of it?
  • Ignoring and/or avoiding anything to do with your finances?

If you don’t have a handle on your money then Femme Darling, you are getting in your own way of having the kind of life you truly want and deserve.

You are blocking money and success coming in, no mater how much you try to make it happen. If you think you are not worthy of having money or you will never be able to make the type of money you want, then guess what, that is exactly what life is reflecting back to you.

Did you know that each of us, has a Sacred Financial Destiny we are meant to fulfil!

Did you know that each of us possesses Sacred Money Gifts and that by knowing what these are, we can leverage these gifts and become aware of our abilities to making more money

Until I knew mine, I was letting money slip right through my fingers no matter how much I made or was trying to make or indeed wondering how to make! It’s a different story now, as knowing my sacred gifts and financial destiny, I know how to create and attract money into my life that is in alignment with who I am.

Getting a handle on your money is the first thing I teach my clients, because once they know what their relationship with money is and how they can leverage it, only then do they achieve the financial success they once thought impossible.

Knowing what your sacred money gifts are so that you can overcome your challenges with money, is going to allow you to make huge shifts in the way you ‘do money’ and therefore do business.

For a start you will be more empowered and become aware of:
-Where you are stopping yourself from expanding your opportunities to grow your business and the number of people you are meant to serve
-Creating financial freedom
-How to transform your ideas into financial success
-Deepening your self respect and self worth

Below are a few fun and effective FEMME Entrepreneur ways to start connecting with your money, which you can start doing straight away and see how quickly you start to see some amazing changes taking place:

1)  Track your money daily – notice ALL the money that is coming into your life -salary; refund; gift vouchers, tax rebate, finding money in your coat pocket etc – no matter what the source of money is – it all counts!!

The more you focus on what is coming in on a daily basis, the more you will start to notice more ways of generating and attracting money, as energetically you will be vibrating on the frequency of money, so what you’re tracking will expand.

2)  Every month you get your income/salary, ensure you pay yourself First, a small amount that makes you feel indulged and happy to spend on YOU, before you start paying your bills. This simple shift will tell the Universe how much you value and appreciate yourself First, so that you can attract and get more of it.

(Image by Alex of Gothenburg)

 At the end of each month empty the contents of your coin purse into a savings jar – I call mine the “I Love Me” Fund ☺ So everything in your coin purse – whether it’s just full of change or you have notes stuffed in there, empty it all out into your special savings jar.

Then every 3 or 6 months or at the end of the year, I want you to total it all up and get excited about how much you have accumulated and THEN make sure you spend it ALL on yourself in a completely self indulgent way.

I have been doing this for the last 7 months, and I have built up a nice little amount (because I have been making sure that conveniently on the last day of each month my coin purse was stuffed with money ready to be emptied out!) that I intend to use on myself at the end of the year on something outrageously indulgent.

I can tell you that you’re are so going to love doing this at the end of every month knowing that all that money is going to your very own “Pamper Fund”

Beautiful Femme getting comfortable with money and creating your sacred relationship with money will allow you to feel good about money and become aware of what it can do for you in a positive way.

This feeling of empowered self around money will open the doors of opportunity and empower you to become a more powerful Femme Entrepreneur. This in turn will propel you into action that will help you grow and expand you as a person and your business to allow you to create outrageous financial and soul fulfilling success.

I hope you like my tips and I would LOVE to hear how this post resonated with you, what FEARS are coming up for you when you think about money, and more importantly what you have decided to do about!

Love, Blossom & Shine xxx,


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