Ms. Classy & Fabulous – Who Me? Yes You!



I love this quote!

When you read this statement – what comes to mind?

Do you look at it and think Yep that’s You!


Does someone else come to mind – who comes up and what does she look like?

Do you think to be classy and fab you need to have money?

Whatever is coming up for you is very revealing – but I want you to know, being classy and fabulous is a just a state of mind and not something that can be bought.

You could be wearing a £3,000 dress and still look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards, or you could be wearing a £25 dress and look a million dollars


“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman” ~ Coco Chanel


So what is the point I’m making – what have dresses gotta do with attracting wealth??

My point is – fabulous and classy doesn’t have a price tag – fabulous and classy is already with in you!! 😉

As Tony Robbins says  >>>  “Life is 80% Psychology and 20% Mechanics”

I know, I know! – I used this quote a lot – but that’s because it’s so blooming true!

Your reality is created in your thoughts first – so Darling, stop thinking you’re Ms Average and start thinking of your self as Ms Classy & Fabulous.


So I have a something fun for you to try out this week:

Think of a woman you really admire, who you see as classy and fabulous and wish you could have a bit of what she’s got – it maybe someone that’s already in you life, or someone you admire from a far – a celebrity; an author, a mentor

What are the qualities that you think make her Classy & Fabulous?

Now, take a couple of those qualities that you LOVE, LIKE and ADMIRE in them, and I want you mentally, try them on – step into the shoes of these qualities.

*Think of how it would make you feel of you had this quality

*Think of how you would Act if you had this quality?

*Think of how you would dress or look, if you had this quality?

See how simple it is – it’s just a state of mind?!

You become what you believe and feel – if you believe and feel it long enough!

So, I want you to have fun with this ~ and I want you to really flex your muscles and mentally wear these qualities for a day and see how it impacts your day.

It may feel weird at first – but if it’s a quality that you really want in yourself, then see it as a new pair of shoes, that you have to break into, until they feel comfortable

Because, if you want to change something in your life – you just have to imagine who would you need to be, to make that change and make things happen.

I’m pretty sure – that when you experience the benefits of taking on these qualities for a day or two – you aint going to want to give them back!! ☺


So over to you – how classy and fabulous do you want to feel today??

Who you are being – determines what you attract to you….

Pop your comments below and lets have some fun!!


Love, Blossom & Shine xxx,



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