A Business Or A (Very) Expensive Hobby?

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I attended a Business Coach networking event in the US over the summer, and I heard someone say that unless you are Implementing & Getting clients, your business is just an expensive hobby.

So if you have been busy now, for some time buying programmes, courses, products, and being distracted by the next bright shiny object, then you are probably deluding yourself that you are busy working on your business.

Working on your business is not the same as working in your business…

Those of us who are in the first year of our business may have been guilty of this at some point or may still be doing this! Yikes!

Oh but Darling please don’t worry – because I have been there too and feel for you if this is where you are currently at…

And if this is you – then you need to hear this, to help you jump out of your business start up coma!!

Many of us do this because we doubt ourselves, our gifts and talents by waiting until everything is perfect before we present our perfect self, and perfect business with our perfect courses and programmes to our perfect client at the perfect time – do you see where I am going with this…?

Sooner or later whilst running your expensive hobby ☺ you will realise and be told that there is no such thing as the perfect time, or the perfect business, or the perfect website or the perfect anything, either in business or in life.

You just have to go out there, start from where you are at and just do it!!

You will make mistakes along the way, of course you will. We all do and its part of the journey to great and amazing success – You see the road to success is not perfectly straight or perfectly clear..

So please please be kind to yourself and save yourself a lot sleepless nights feeling frustrated, doubtful and anxious and just let go of trying to blooming ‘be perfect’

Define ‘perfection’ anyway! Am I perfect?

Gosh No! I may make it look perfect on the outside, but there is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes, to make it look perfect.

I am still learning and making mistakes, and then learning from these mistakes, but it’s about staying in the game no matter what, and not giving in because you have suddenly hit a wall.

Fear, frustration and doubt will always come up in business and life, every time you up level and so you have to learn to deal with it head on.

And know, that in time you will learn to be more comfortable around your challenges as and when they come up.

When we are not being in alignment with our authentic self; when we stray away from who we are at our core– that’s when life sends us challenges.

To help us learn the lessons we need to learn so that we are continuously growing along the path to spiritual, personal and financial fulfilment

OK time to get Vulnerable..

One of my imperfections and how I have been holding back in Business (and for my entire professional life).

All my life I had a H-U-G-E Fear of Public speaking (nobody believes me when I say that I am shy!) – which in truth held me back in life in many ways.

Well, when I got into business I quickly realised that hiding behind my computer just wasn’t going to cut it for me! ☺

So my business has forced me to face and deal with my major paralysing anxiety hands on.

So over the last few months, I have taken the step to do just that and work on this in a big way.

If I am to be a leader in my business and healing mentor for women, in regards to their money and mind-set, I need to get myself in front of ideal clients to get my message out there in a big way, otherwise I am doing a huge disservice to me and the people I’m meant to serve..

And ultimately that is a blooming shame, as not only would I be holding back on myself, but I will be holding back on those who need my help the most, and indirectly I am holding them back..

Because my love, passion and purpose for what I do and who I want to serve and help, is FAR greater than my anxiety/fear of public speaking, i knew i had to overcome this.

So in facing my fear, actually something I thought I would never ever say with such joy and honesty, is that I am actually NOW very excited about getting myself out there and speaking in public..

And OMG what I am learning and experiencing, is that facing this head on and stepping into my power (even though I am still b-l-o-o-m-i-n-g nervous), I am slowly but surely being recognised for being the ‘Wealth Coach’ for entrepreneurial women that I set out to be and being actively approached for interviews and potential collaborations at events that I attend…

So see hiding out, in whatever way that you are, is actually blocking in the success you are seeking, flowing into your life…

So be courageous Darling Femme – Feel the fear and do it anyway, because I promise you, your success lies on the other side of your comfort zone.

Femme Entrepreneurs Coaching Request:

Take  one courageous action step today/this week, towards something that is causing you to get in your own way and stopping you moving forward in your business

I would love to hear what your action step was and how you felt before and after?


Love, Blossom & Shine xxx,


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