One Month Coaching Package

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1 Month Taster Package

You + Me + 1 Month Together = Getting the Party Started! and Kick-Starting Your Abundance Mindset



This package is a quick burst of empowerment and inspiration, solutions and answers to your problems and challenges/blocks around attracting more of the good stuff into your life!

It will kick start you into a new way of thinking about you and your life, money etc

This package is right for you – if you are either new to coaching and want experience what its all about or you have had coaching before and need a extra dose of  power bubble of support, guidance, motivation and strategy.

But whatever your reason – this 1 Month “Kickstart Your Wealth Vibration” Coaching Package will allow you to dip your toe and experience the power of being coached and how it’s possible to make your dreams come true on all levels – you can BE, DO, HAVE anything you want.

The 1 month package
is a great way to get you started, identity what you want, create an action plan and preparing you and putting you on the path to awesomeness, attracting, manifesting and magnetising more money, more love, more of everything that you secretly yearn.

No matter if you are 25 or 65, – if you want more out of life, your work, your business and feeling or blocked – then learn the shortcuts, the secrets and the techniques to turning your life around – and it doesn’t need to take months or years to make that happen.


Let me your help you go from Confusion to Clarity; Lack to Abundance and from Fear to freedom – with some kick ass Wealth Attraction strategies, so that you can start busting your limiting beliefs and terminating your money gremlins and start attracting the abundance you desire!



What You Will Get:

CLARITY – as to what has been keeping you feeling stuck, insecure and scared of whether you are going to BE what you want; DO what you want & HAVE What you want and desire in your life.

ANSWERS – as to what you need to do to help you on your continued path to clarity, to freedom and more abundance in your life – be that money or love.

RENEWED SELF BELIEF + STRATEGIES – that you CAN and WILL have more Money, more LOVE & more Freedom in your Life, because you now have the strategies to make it happen

INCREASED EXCITEMENT & JOY – as to what is possible for you when you DECIDE to take back control of your life instead of Life controlling you

TRANSFORMATION – you will feel the change in your energy and vibration which is the key to manifesting all the things you want



How You Will Get It:

*Two 45 min Power-Packed Coaching calls – To Release Money Block; Goal Setting; Strategise; Create Plan of Action and start Manifest what you want!

*Follow Up 30 Min Call – for check-in, updates and Q&A



You will be getting all of me – 100% and I promise to bring all of my LAW of Attraction A-game to the table to help you get your Sh*t together so that you can start making magic and miracles happen in your life!!


During our time together and by the time you get to the end of our 1 Month together – you will have released Money Blocks and limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck in relation to your current challenge.

Together we will create an “Attraction Plan” that include attraction strategies that are tailored to you and feels good to you – so that you can start implementing  and bringing more abundance into your life

You will leave feeling excited, uplifted in mood and energy and with an inner peace, calmness and knowing that ……

These feelings alone, will start magnetising the good stuff to you almost immediately


If this is calling out to you ~ if you are feeling it and seeing the vision of you as more magnetic-unstoppable-in-all-areas-of-your-life-powerful-gorgeous- femm-tastic successful biz owner or employee of the year ~ successfully climbing the corporate ladder or even just finally meeting the greatest love of your life!! etc

Then I invite you to listen to that better version of your future self who is calling out – giving you an intuitive nudge – and invest in a 1 Month “Quick Burst” Coaching Package with me.



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