Self Belief Is Sexy!

 Self belief - old lady



“I cheated on my fears, broke up with my doubts, got engaged to my faith and now I’m marrying my dreams”


I am so loving this quote right now ☺

It has all the key characters of a blooming good “Hero’s Journey” story!

Life is about living from your heart and from the true essence of who you are, and whilst all that is wonderful, we all know that along the way, there will be a few bumps in the road.

And these bumps in the road are really blooming a pain in the butt – when all a girls wants is to get from A to B in her life, with her sanity and makeup in tact.

You see each day is new story of the Hero’s Journey ☺ – and each new stepping out of our comfort zone territory is going to bring up the key Villains “Fear” and “Doubt” – to stop us from moving forward.

So they are not strangers to us – we have flirted with these two dream snatchers before.

But remember – when we decided to take on this Mission Impossible assignment on earth, way before we came into form as a physical being ☺ – we knew what we were letting ourselves in for ==> to Experience, Learn and Grow.

But what we keep forgetting is that we also knew we had one (of many!) secret weapon that we brought a long with us, to bust through Fear & Doubt ⇒ ⇒ Self Belief (Faith) !!

Darling,  Self Belief is such a super sexy and powerful accessory to have with you at all times – because if we want to Rock our Life, Business and Work and get the life we are worth – then we want to be feeling powerful and sexy about our self and our life.

Self-Belief means knowing that whatever our current situation is – we have the power to change it for the better, no matter what!!

To change any situation – you have to learn to become the deliberate creator of your life, which starts with trading in your old limiting beliefs about what you can and cant do, and take on new Powerful and Sexy BELIEF’s that are going to propel you forward in your life.

Does the below sound familiar:

You receive a 100 words of praise – and then one person makes a negative comment and BHAM! – instead of focussing on all the good that’s been said – you blooming analyse this one negative criticism to death –and then before you know it – you have gone from being in-flow, to being out-of-flow for the rest of your day.

Why is it we do that?! Because we women tend to increasingly concentrate on what we don’t have and what we don’t like, instead of all the stuff that is working.

That one negative comment just brings up all those negative self-beliefs of Doubt ad Fear that you hold about yourself – which is ultimately all about that Queen Bee of all feelings:

“I’m Not Good Enough!!”


Now I admit there are occasions where I love to wallow in my over-the-top-taken-out-of-context state as much as the next Gorgeous Femme – wherby I will go through all the various extremes of self pity until I get to the other side:

“Just go in there and remember your blooming fantastic”


The thing is – instead of jumping on the “I’m Not Good Enough” train going to “No-Wheres-Ville” – why not look at this negative statement as just feedback, whether you agree with it or not, and say to yourself “Hmmm – Thank You for sharing, but I have a 100 Yes’s, so I know I am doing something right”.

You are what you think and believe about yourself.




Self belief is made up of courage, grace, charisma, elegance, self worth, and self confidence.

Feeling super sexy and powerful so that you can bust through your challenges, involves looking past your FEARs & DOUBTs.

And there is one powerful mantra that can shift your thinking from one of overwhelm, frustration and powerlessness: “THIS TOO SHALL PASS”

Any situation good or bad is always in transitory mode.

Question! Question! Question! – to change Focus!

So when you are facing any challenge – ask yourself the questions:

What is the Lesson here?

Where is the Gift?

What is working in my life?

What can I do to change this situation?

Because in every situations there is a lesson to be learned that is a priceless gift, which you don’t necessarily see in that way at the time!

To summarize – the 3 things you need to remember to go from feeling powerless to powerful is:

1)  Self Belief is Sexy – Every Story has a hero – Self belief and couple of villains – Fear & Doubt (there are others, but they are just variations of these two)

2)  Ask yourself the right questions – to get your focus off what’s not working to what is working, that will shift your vibration from feeling crap to super good. Then from this place of feeling great – you will be more empowered to finding answers to changing your situation.

3) This too Shall Pass!


So Darling – Would L-u-r-v-e to hear IN THE COMMENTS BELOW – how you cheated on Fear & Doubt by getting engaged to Sexy Self Belief (Faith)?


Love, Blossom & Shine xxx,



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