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Ok since I having been answering many questions on how to manifest – I thought it was high time I did a post on this – especially more so because this I what i help you do – Attract and Manifest Life’s Abundance!

Darling – whether you know it or not – you’re already using the Law of Attraction (LOA) every day, to get what you want and don’t want in your life.

LOA is working all the time! So you may as well learn to do it more effectively and powerfully!


Now there are many instructions out there on how to Manifest like a Rockstar! – and below are some of the essential ingredients of a good ol’ manifesting recipe! (At least in the way i have learnt and mastered it!)

In all its simplicity you could say it boils down to the below factors:

Think – Focus – Feel – Believe – Attract


So lets see how this would work..



Think of something you want – lets start with something small and easy, to start building your manifesting muscle – but we wont ask for a parking space (boring!)

How about a dress – for sake of simplicity and Girly Fun!



So think of a dress you want – but you either don’t have the means of getting right now, or it’s not available for whatever reason – but you really really really want it!

Visualise it and really see it in your minds eye – having it;  wearing it; owning it as if its already yours and loving it  + any other detail that comes to mind.

Just totally focus on this dress to the exclusion of everything else – which is why it’s a good idea to do this process when you know you will be undisturbed!


Feel It

This is the most important ingredient of all (me thinks!).

I know we have all been told or have mistakenly understood –  that just visualising something is enough to bring it into reality!

But Law of attraction is all about vibrations – and vibrations are all about emotions.

Your thoughts on their own have little power. We think about 60,000 thoughts a day – but it’s only those thoughts that consume us and dominate our mind day in and day out – that will eventually cause them to manifest into our reality!


We live in a world of opposites – eg black/white; up/down; hot/cold etc.

So obviously– we have opposite emotions -> positive emotions and negative ones – and regardless of what you’re feeling – you will ALWAYS attract based on how you’re feeling. So if you’re feeling down and constantly thinking down thoughts – you will get more of what your feeling;

Subsequently if you’re feeling super good and excited about something  – then you will get more of that – you get my drift, darling?


Back to the dress…

So when you’re thinking of this fabulous dress you want – you want to be feeling excited about it and not worrying about whether it makes you look fat or can you afford it or all that blah stuff

So I want you to really FEEEEEEL that the dress is already yours, and get excited about it long enough for you stay in that peak state – be that 30 seconds or 2 mins



Believe the dress is yours – we want unwavering blind faith and complete denial of anything that points to your actual reality of this not being the case!!

This is about “Acting as if…”

Just know that you will have it BUT with a CaveatDON’T get attached to the outcome of will you, won’t you?

You want to be as detached to it, as you would be about thinking about your morning cuppa for example – you don’t think about that 24/7 questioning whether you will be drinking it the next morning – it’s just a done deal right?!



Now this is where things get exciting – you will notice certain synchronicities happening – you will probably starting seeing the dress every where – on other girls; in magazines; shop windows or you will hear someone talking about it.

The thing about manifesting your desires, is that often what you asked for, tends to come in ways you didn’t expect.  You could manifest the dress in a multitude of ways (e.g. in a sale; given to you as a gift; you may win it!; mix up in delivery etc).

So be open to all the different ways you may get your object of desire.

You will either get the exact dress you want or get a better version of it; But  you may not necessarily get it in the time frame you want.

Now the attracting phase is not just sitting there and willing it into reality! If that were the case – we would all be filthy rich, married to an adonis and living on a beach (just like everyone one else!!)


Taking Action‘Inspired’ action is key. You may well get ‘hunches’ – you know those times when you get this strong sense or feeling to do something – call it instinct; gut reaction; your intuition – whatever! You want to act on these feelings.. these “hunches” are leading you somewhere even if they don’t make sense at the time.. don’t question.. just follow them!


The manifesting process outlined above isn’t just about getting a dress – the dress was just to give you an example.  It’s about using LOA in a deliberate way to get the life you want in every sense – whether it’s a job, a relationship; starting a business, bringing more money into your life and much more..

But this is just a simplified overview of the basic ingredients that go into attracting and manifesting – in between though, there are many “powering up” technique’s to keep your energy aligned to wealth and abundance and make sure you’re a vibrational match to attracting and getting what you want.

You have to really desire it and want it and then take the necessary steps to make it happen – (because sometimes you think you want something but are not prepared to go after it!)

And finally you have to be ready to receive it! Its true – the Universe is practically banging your down to give you what you want – but you may not be set up or ready to receive your abundance – you may still be emotionally blocking it by focusing too much on the HOW’s and WHEN’s.

There is just so much more I want to write on my most favourite thing in the world 🙂 – but I don’t want to overwhelm you!


I would love to hear your manifesting success – so Please DO Share Darling!! POP them into the comment box below along with any other manifesting tips of your own – you would like to add or even if you have tried manifesting but just not getting it or having success with it!!



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