The Colour Of Your Success

Josef Stuefer

Image by Josef Stuefer


When you think about “Success” – what comes up for you?

Fear! Doubt! It’s not possible for me? OR are You totally tapped into it and fully living and feeling the success of your SUCCESS!

What does the ‘Colour of Success’ look like to you? Do you feel connected to the image of success or disconnected?

Is it bright, bold and Colourful? Does it make you feel happy?

Or is the colour of success to you dark, dull and blurry? Do you look at the picture and think: Who am I kidding, I can’t do this? I will never be successful??

By now, you should know that I am all about the Mindset! Before you can succeed at anything in life, you have to have the right mindset and belief that you can and will succeed. Otherwise you are just chasing your tail, spinning your wheels and will find it difficult to get the results you desire.

Mindset is at the core of my philosophy, because to create great success, wealth and happiness, you have to start with the Mind.

Because at the end of the day, your daily experiences in Life, Business and work are a result of the way you think and feel.

And OMG if you don’t believe Success, Wealth and Happiness is possible for you, then you really DO need to change the colour dial on your Success barometer from ‘Black & White” to full blown High Definition Colour!

Well… you NEED to go ALL the way and think BIG Darling! ☺

You see, it’s easier to hold on to a negative belief and really go to party with it, than it is to hold on to a positive one.

So you do need to be able to strengthen the muscle in your mind, so that as soon as you become aware of a negative thought, instead of throwing an all out pity party for one, You want to grab that scrawny little gnat, by the scruff of its neck AND kick it to the kerb, followed by quickly replacing it with a more empowering thought.

Believe me it does get easier with practice.

So when I am having one of those days, (well actually not days anymore, more like short episodes of despair!) feeling sorry for myself and just wanting to give it up, I literally shout out (if I am alone, or in my mind, if I am not) “STOP! right there Ego!! & Get Blooming Lost! ”  or words to that effect! ☺

Well, we are human after all, and even the most highly successful people have to deal with negativity, however they know how to switch from negative state to a more positive state in few short minutes if not seconds!! I can assure you, that’s because the Colour of Success for them is in Bright Neon lights.

So just know that whilst its normal to get negative and down when things are not going your way, your success lies in how quickly you snap yourself out of it instead of dwelling in it for days on end….

To truly embody Success and feel connected to it then you have to start looking at  ‘Success’ in BRIGHT, RADIANT, GLOWING, BOLD & High Definition COLOUR!!

So, Femme Entrepreneur invites You to Try these 5 things when imagining SUCCESS in your minds eye: ~

1)  Associate it with your favourite food, so that you can TASTE Success

2)  Associate it with your favourite romantic movie or scene from a movie, so that you can FEEL Success in every part of your body

3)  Associate it with your favourite colour, whether it’s the colour of a flower, your favourite outfit or shade of lipstick, so you can SEE Success

4)  Associate it to your favourite song, so that you can HEAR Success

5)  And when you are seeing, feeling, hearing and tasting Success in all it’s glory, I want YOU to intensify ALL of these sensations and put your hand on your heart and SAY to yourself:

“I Deserve Success & My Goal is to Create Amazing Success For Myself”


Rinse and Repeat as often you like, to help you feel energised, empowered and as a reminder that life doesn’t happen to you BUT YOU make life happen for you..!☺

***Right Darling, so now its your turn – Let me know in the comments below what does the colour of Success look like for you now? 🙂


Love, Blossom & Shine xxx,


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