The Etiquette Of Throwing A Sickie

I Hate to Waste Sick days

When was the last time you threw a Sickie??


me roundedWell, in the last 18 months of my corporate life –I actually factored “Sickies’ into my yearly goal-setting plan.

As part of the usual annual Company Protocol, Rules + Regulations – we were expected to set out our SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time oriented) work goals.

So as usual everyone set about creating their yearly unrealistic-waste-of-time- work goals, made under the delusion that if they worked harder and longer, their bosses would NOTICE them THIS year for their efforts – and they would finally get the promotion and pay rise they had been hoping for since like forever…

I too was setting my SMART goals – my SMART ‘Sickie’ goals – so that I could get through another year in my job and keep my sanity, until I found a way to leave the rat race.

And for a while I was doing well until my new manager who was so text-book-rigid pulled me up on the amount of sickies I had been taking. Ooops!


Appraisal Time

So during my pointless annual Appraisal – my permanently-stressed-out- sleep- deprived Manager, pointed out how anxious I made him feel every morning!

WHAT!! I made him anxious!!

He told me that he got anxious about switching on his mobile every morning and possibly seeing a text message from moi saying I wasn’t coming in that day (again!).

He would get stressed out with the workload – as if the company was going to fall apart just because I decided I wasn’t coming in to work!

Should I take this as compliment?!

And Wow! I was the first person that came to his mind when he woke up every morning – not his wife or his new born!! 🙂

Maybe if he took a few sickies here and there – he would me a bit more chilled and stop worrying about me so much!


Play under the radar

Now don’t get me wrong I wasn’t proud of myself throwing all these sickies.

I did start off very much loving my job.

And I will have you know – I too was once a textbook employee and a consummate professional who always respected management and sucked up to my bosses, worked hard and was a serious people pleaser 🙂

But where did it get me -> more responsibility with no matching salary!

So forgive me if somewhere down the line – I stopped giving a crap when my job became a soul destroying, blood sucking, joy killer!

That is until I started working smarter not harder – and started loving my job (or rather tolerating it much better) and getting through the day more easily and effortlessly and having way more fun.

That’s not to say I didn’t take my job or responsibility at work seriously.

I was still the consummate professional and committed to getting the job at hand done – its just that I interpreted my employment contract slightly differently from how my employers did…

And the minute I started feeling good about my work again – as if by magic – the promotions and pay rises started happening… better and more lucrative job opportunities started coming my way – without any effort on my part.

Honestly if the work hadn’t got in the way of my day job – I probably would have stayed!


Elvis (Roxy) has left the building…

After my Appraisal in Jan 2013 – I had made up my mind to leave before the end 0f that year, and mentally FIRED! the company and all my bosses from line managers right up to the CEO! – and was now just going to bide my time, until the day I plucked up the courage to hand in my notice and leave corporate life behind for good!

Now granted not all of us are ready (or even want to) to leave our jobs and become our own boss – but i didn’t just want another job – i was ready to quit corporate life for good!

And there were days where I was wasting my precious time and mental energy on how I could get out of another day of work until then!

My excuses were becoming so elaborate and had such creative flair and dare I say originality – that even I was in awe of how I managed to pull them off!

However, darling I am absolutely NOT advocating that you start taking Sickies willy-nilly! (hehehe “willy-nilly”)

All I am saying is that the odd duvet day here and there has it’s sanity-saving purpose!

But taking “sickies” of a epidemic proportion does however, require some soul-searching and truth facing on your part on deeper level – and understanding what it is that you really want to be doing when it comes to making a living.

So my point is – whilst the odd duvet day is almost to be expected – when you start making it an intentional monthly goal – you have got to start asking yourself some serious questions about your job and life!

Is it really worth staying in a job that is compromising your integrity (and sanity)?

Is it really worth staying in a job just because you think this is the best you can do?

Is it really worth staying in a job that you no longer love or give a crap about.

Whose ‘Happiness’ are you prioritising??


Types of Sickies

 i) Real Sickie – you’re actually sick for Reals!

 ii) Suspect Sickie – hmmm this starts of with actually feeling sick for Reals! – but then find yourself feeling miraculously much better shortly after you sent the text to your boss letting them know you won’t be coming in.

Well in this scenario – you could choose to work from home (see below) or just chill to make sure you’re feeling fully better for the next day!

 iii) Work From Home Sickie –  a good one to take if you have serious guilt issues about throwing a sickie– because your still working but not really fully working.

You can fall asleep in front of your pc, day dream all you like, or be reading “Grazia” magazine for hours on end, whilst answering the odd incoming email query and no one would be the wiser.

The funny thing is these “work from home sickies” never worked for me – I always found that I actually worked! more and for longer periods than when I was actually at work! WTF!!

So obviously I was harbouring some serious guilt and I guess I didn’t master ‘the work from home’ sickie properly.

 iv) The full Blown out Fake Sickie – when you just need a day off to keep you from losing your sanity at work!!


Finally, Best day to take a Sickie… And it’s not a Monday!

Because you will still be in a “Monday Blue’s Mindset” the next day! So get Monday out of the way and throw a Sickie on a Tuesday or Wednesday instead – it breaks up the working week ever so nicely 🙂

Friday Sickies are good too – because you could argue that your bosses + (resentful) colleagues will generally have had the weekend to get over it!


No More Sick Days – Woo Hoooo!

These days I am never sick – honestly since I left my day job last year and started working for myself – I have never been off sick (even for Reals!) because I actually love what I am doing.

Because when you work for your self OR you finally find a JOB that you actually love, that pays you well and fulfils you to the core – you will never have to take a sickie every again!

So don’t be a goody- two-shoes all your life – Have a little fun along the journey of life… Break the rules once in a while!

Live a little darling.. And Enjoy your sick day!!


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