Mistaking Self Worth for Self Esteem



Darling did you know that self esteem and self worth are two different things?

High Five if you did! I wish someone had told me back in the day…

Many femmes make the mistake of thinking it means the same thing, but once I learned the difference between self worth and self esteem a few years back, it changed the way I saw myself, my dreams and my potential.

And guess what, since then I made it my business (literally!) to empower women around their self worth and value, so that they can truly step into their financial and spiritual power, to propel them forward in their work, business and life.

So lets take a look: Self Worth ~v~ Self Esteem

Self Worth

80973-oHmm.. This is about how much you feel worthy and deserving of something or someone in your life eg, job, clients, success, love etc .

Its relates to your sense of identity and your place in the world and if you don’t feel your worthy or good enough of something or someone, then you are likely to sabotage whatever opportunity that comes your way.

Your sense of self worth goes back to your childhood experiences and is key to determining what you believe you deserve, what you believe you can accomplish or expect.

Now the good news is that your past does not necessarily equal your future.

Your path to spiritual and financial success, is to always be challenging your current/old beliefs, and to keep stretching and growing by striving for bigger goals.

So, when you are coming from a place of positive self worth, it allows you to stand tall and stand out from the crowd, and be the leader of your life.

In a word, you are unstoppable in you goals and achieving your full potential

Now, we all long for a sense of greater self worth, as who doesn’t want to feel accepted and valued as an individual.

Our sense of self worth gives us ‘Significance’ and ‘Security’.

Significance gives us:
Clarity of Purpose
Understanding of Personal Value

And it allows us to:
Be able to Positively Impact Others
Build Stronger Relationships

Security allows us to:
Experience Unconditional Love
Experience Acceptance
Experience and be our Authentic Self

Its not surprising to learn that Men primarily need significance, and we Femmes, primarily need security!

And therefore as individuals, we will pursue our daily life in whatever way we see fit, that will defend us against feelings of insignificance and insecurity.

Food for thought right?


self-worth-1Self Esteem

In contrast, this is about how you believe others see you and make you feel.

So here you’re putting your power in the hands of others and letting them control the way you behave – if they make you feel good, you will react one way, if they make you feel bad, you will behave another way.

Your self-esteem is therefore boosted or shattered depending on external factors eg. a boss shouting at you at work; a client wanting a refund; a less than positive comment made by a friend/spouse/family member etc.

That’s how fragile our self-esteem is and therefore needs constant assurance, validation and feedback from others to keep it bolstered.

Your self-esteem will keep you playing small, keeps you stuck and in your comfort zone – so you are limiting yourself, spiritually and financially.

Self esteem is all about doubting your abilities, analysis to the point of paralysis and procrastination, because your source of validation comes from others and therefore they are the drivers or rather the limiters of your success.

Femme Summary

Your Self esteem is all about chasing success, whereas your self worth, is all about allowing success to come to you..

One leads to burn out and the other one lights you up!

So do we need both Self Worth & Self Esteem to succeed in life, business and work??

In a word YES!

We need to work on both, as each affects our thoughts and feelings, and can equally be the saboteurs of our success, depending on where we are on the scales of self worth and self-esteem.

HOWEVER, your PRIMARY focus should be always on improving your Self worth, as this is the driver and achiever of our goals, ambitions & success, both financially and spiritually.

Because when you’re not in alignment with your true passion, purpose and divinity, that’s when you experience money drama, money chaos, feeling resentment or guilt or any other type of negative emotions.

So Darling can you see how important it is to differentiate between the two..

Now over to you..

How super charged is your self worth? Is it off the scale and you are just unstoppable in the pursuit of your goals and dreams?


Do you place more importance on how others make you feel to get ahead in life?

Would love, love, love to hear what was your A-HA from reading this article..

Love, Blossom & Shine xxx,



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