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Are you (still) waiting for your Prince to come and rescue you, darling!


That’s so sweet  – but it’s not the way life works!

It’s a bit like the santa clause story – does he really exist?!! – well whether he does or he doesn’t – it doesn’t matter – because it all depends on what you want/choose to believe  (and i know Christmas is not for another 11 months! but just letting you know I believe in Santa!)

Without love – life has no meaning!

Love comes in all forms, shapes, styles.

But no matter what form it comes in – its how we feel about the world around us when we are in love…

Love has to take centre place – you have to love life to get the most out of it.

Now I like living in and seeing the world through a ‘glass half full’ lense.

So I choose to see the world from a (new) empowered belief system in which the world is a beautiful place, full of (equal) possibilities for everyone (and believe me it never used to be like that due to my old programming)

Because how you view the world is what will shape your world and life experiences.

And I for one, choose to experience money miracles, love miracles and success miracles, because of how I now choose to view my world.

When you start changing your perspective about life, relationships, money and health –  you will truly change the way you live and experience life.


Where is my Bloomin’ Prince Charming?

So it comes as no surprise then – that I do believe in my prince riding on his horse to come and whisk me away and live happily ever after!

But my Prince (actually a Warrior King, not some flaky type, in pretty tights) is NOT coming to save me – save me from what??!

Because Darling – we women have to stop running ourselves down and giving our power away!!

We absolutely have what it takes to sort out our own lives, finances, health challenges etc

We women are strong and powerful and can run our world in a much better way (when we finally take the reigns!)  – so we don’t need saving from anything or anyone outside of ourselves, except from our own limiting thoughts, lies and stories we tell ourselves – that are simply NOT the Truth!

So when your Warrior King does coming riding on his white horse (metaphorically speaking) it’s not because he’s coming to save you  – its because he wants to join in the fun, adventure and party that you are already enjoying without him!!

Your Warrior King is not going to be attracted to a needy, pathetic, damsel in distress type –waiting for someone else to make her happy! (that’s just too much pressure to put on someone else)

That’s not what will have him galloping from across continents to be with you!!

Needy, pathetic, damsel in distress types will ONLY attract needy, pathetic flaky type prince – who is actually looking to YOU to save him!

So darling – we have to start  getting it and owning our power!  There is no one coming to save you.. but there is someone definitely out there, who will be attracted to you and ready to worship the ground you walk on – because of your wholeness factor, your passion for life; your fun factor; your self sufficiency, your strength, and your vulnerability in the right places.

Can you see what I am getting at darling??


Love is energy – big bubble of energy! And your energy bubble will attract a similar energy bubble.

So if you want to attract and manifest more bubbles of love energy – then you have to be filling your own energy of love bubble first!

You have to be the energy of love first, to receive more of the same!


dr dyer quote



Wanting versus Needing

Wanting a man is very different from Needing a man  – one comes from a place of  centeredness and choice, and the other from a place of desperation.

A Warrior King will be drawn to a women who wants a man; whilst the flaky type princes in colored tights – will be drawn to a woman who needs a man from a place of neediness – and “neediness” is a love repellent.

The former is drawn by the strength of the woman, the latter one is drawn by the weakness of the woman – which spells trouble!!

So darling – if you’re looking to bring in all encompassing love into your life, then be the type of WOMAN, who would attract the type of MAN and Relationship that is WORTHY of YOU.

Someone who uplifts you and adds to your strength of character, values and the essence of who you are – instead of leaving you drained and depleted of your gift of love, your self esteem, self worth and value.

Be the deliberate creator of your love story by writing a powerful loved up new script – where this time you get to cast a Kick Ass A-List Leading Man.



So here are a few self coaching questions to consider:

1) Am I really ready for Love or am I just feeling lonely/bored? (one is from a place of wanting and one is from a place of neediness)

2) What would I need to believe about myself, to manifest all encompassing love?

3) What are the 3 core values/qualities that are non negotiable – i.e. you are not willing to compromise on, no matter how HOT! the prospect is!


A very wise friend once told me, that when it comes to making a decision about love (or any major life changing decision for that matter) to know the difference between making a compromise and making a sacrifice – a compromise is about keeping hold of your power,  and a sacrifice is about giving all your power away!

So choose wisely darling and always remain true to yourself in love and life!



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