The “Waiting Game”



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When I look at my life and everything I have achieved so far (and still want to achieve) – I know I could never have half the things I wanted, if I didn’t believe in magic and miracles.

That’s not to say that i just thought of something I wanted, and then sat back and expected it to happen all on its own.

Your determination, skills, talents and action taking have a large part to play in achieving your life’s abundance.

However, there does come a part in the process where no matter how hard you’re trying – something or everything is just not giving!

You get mad at the Universe and the world for giving up on you, and you finally come to a point when you have to just surrender and let go and stop pushing.

And that’s when the magic and miracles start to happen. But it’s like you have to be pushed to a point – before you get there!

I can vouch for this – as I have seen it happen many times in my own life – personal and business.


The routine usually is:

*I want to achieve something or bring something (or someone into my life).

*I work out my plan of action; I start taking action; applying my attracting and manifesting strategies.

*I am doing all the necessary stuff, and still nothing!

It’s as if I am being tested to see how badly I want it.


But I notice that anytime I don’t get what I want – its usually down to several reasons:

1) I am not aligned to the thing that I want, because I don’t actually believe I can have it, and so my limiting beliefs get in the way.

2) It’s not for my highest good and the Universe has something better planned for me.

3) I forget to practice patience, and start worrying about how it’s going to happen, instead of leaving the ‘how’s’ out and just trusting, believing and allowing it to happen in it’s own divine way.


But in recent years, I have become such an awesome manifestor, that sometimes I don’t even have to try hard to get what I have asked for – but they are also the times that i seem to get complacent and less appreciative, albeit not consciously.

I guess the sweetest fruit of all is usually, when you do finally get the thing that you so badly want – you value it much more.

Just know you will always get exactly what you need at the right time, whether it is the result you wanted or not.



Anything is Possible

Recently, I wanted to attract a particular amount of money into my life by a specific period, for which I had no idea how it was going to happen.

I put into action my wealth attraction strategies – and whilst at the back of my mind I knew I would manifest it – there was still some doubt and fear about it happening.

But OMG 2 weeks later I got an unexpected cheque from an unexpected source, for just under the specific amount I had asked for!!



Blessing in Disguise

Like many peeps, I know how much of a loser I feel when I don’t achieve a certain goal.

I feel the ‘not good enough’ feelings come up – but then, when I look back at everything else I have achieved along the way – I realise that I have gained something more profound and valuable, than the one goal I was trying to accomplish.

You see in every step along the way, life opens many more wonderful opportunities and insights that would not have happened, if you had not pursued the path in the first instance.



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So Darling – if you are feeling less than at the moment – that your life isn’t perfect and you don’t have everything you want right now, just know that you’re exactly where you need to be.

So today I want you look at where you’re at (without judgment) and celebrate what you have achieved so far – however small.

Sometimes not getting what you wanted, is a blessing in disguise – because what you don’t realise is that there is something even more better, beautiful,  and of awesome value coming your way.


So now your turn –> In the comments below please share is there’s anything in your past that you have wanted so badly but didn’t get?

What did you learn from the experience and in hindsight did the act of ‘doing’ make you a better and wiser in experience and as person?



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