To Be, Do or Have



Half way through writing this blog I fell asleep! In my sleep I dreamt of birds and an old friend from way past in my college days (which I don’t understand why she even featured in my dream, as its not like she has been on my mind)

You might be asking – Okay so what has this go to do with a wealth mind set and creating a beautiful, happy and fulfilled life?!

Bear with me, this is leading somewhere I promise ☺

So as soon as I woke up – (thinking oh crap why did I fall asleep!) – I looked up the meaning of dreaming of birds (the feathered kind!) and an old college friend.

And I learnt that the birds represent hopes and aspirations and this old friend represents something from the past that keeps coming up to interfere with the future… Hmm interesting!

It does make sense now, because I have been feeling a little stuck and insecure in an area of my business over the last week, and my dream in its intelligent, intuitive and distorted way, has tried to make sense of my subconscious thoughts.

They say that effectively dreams are a reflection of what is going on in your physical world.

So I had to do a little digging of what was lurking behind my fear and doubt of late..

Pesky Beliefs

Its about Beliefs – those pesky ingrained beliefs and how they interfere with your goals and ambitions and the decisions you make that lead you to living the life you want – see I told you there was a point to my dream!

Our limiting beliefs stop us from reaching and achieving our goals in life. They run our lives and they prevent us from achieving what we really want to be, do or have in life.

Our ingrained beliefs and fears from our child hood, which we then, carry into our adult life on subconscious level, stop us in our tracks from fulfilling our lives to its fullest potential.

Even if we think we have a handle on our life, we still don’t understand why we are not achieving our goals, no matter how hard we try.

MY dream is no coincidence – although I am pursuing my passion and purpose, and constantly keeping a check on my thoughts and action, I still experience those pangs of doubt and fear.

Those annoying mind gremlins still make their appearances each time I am about to step out of another comfort zone.

But the key is that as soon as you become aware, you must challenge and question your limiting beliefs and acknowledging that your limitations are not real.

There are the obvious limiting beliefs:

I’m not smart enough
I’m not good enough
I’m too fat
I’m not attractive enough
I’m too old

And there are the subtle ones disguised as justifying circumstances for your reasons:

New Jobs are hard to find in this economy, so I have no choice to stay here
It’s not the right time to start a business in this economy
I probably wont get the job because I’m too shy
Rich People are not to be trusted
All Men prefer blondes ☺

These are still all projections and judgments, which are limiting.

And the sad truth is, once you have a limiting belief, for some it’s enough to not even try to test it, and see if it’s true.

You just accept it as the truth without testing or questioning its validity, so you never get to experience what’s on the other side of the limitation.


Henry Ford


So I want you to ask yourself the Be, Do & Have question:

Have the decisions you’ve made in your life so far – be it business, work, love, health etc. – got you where you want to be in your life, what you want to do in your life, or what you want to have I your life?

Because if not – then I’m sorry, but the current circumstances of your life are directly of your making – be it consciously or unconsciously – that are based on your beliefs.

Harsh, I know, but true!

But I say this from a place of love, because I want you to have all the wealth, health, success & happiness in life that you deserve, and if you are still struggling, then you ain’t gonna get there, if you continue doing the same thing.




Your limiting beliefs impact the decisions you make, which impact the actions you take, which impact your outcome.

You see, what you perceive, and how you feel emotionally in any given situation, and how you react, respond or perform, is directly tied to what you believe..

So darling this week, I want you to give thought to the following:

Are your results in alignment with what you really want to be, do or have?

If Not

I want you to just to notice your common fears and doubts that keep coming up whenever you make a decision, be it about work, about business etc, and what are you telling yourself in these situations?

What are you willing to do differently?


As always – would love love love to hear your AHAs and thoughts ☺


Love, Blossom & Shine xxx,



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