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You + Me + Virtual Half Day = Breakthrough, AHA’s & Transformation!




If you have never experienced a VIP Day ~ you are in for a treat!

This Half Day VIP WOW Intensive has been created with this in mind and/or specifically for a gorgeous femme like you, who is ready to take ready to take your Business + Life to the next level and need a Kick Start to put you on the Path to Prosperity! 

My VIP Days 
are by APPLICATION ONLY– as I only work with High Achieving Gorgeous femmes who are ready to make Quantum LEAPS to get the abundance they desire.


You’re ready to do what it takes to live life on your terms and refuse to settle for second best anymore –  you are ready to put yourself first  – love, honour and respect yourself and become a magnet for outrageous success, wealth and happiness!



Why Choose a Half Day (Virtual) VIP Intensive with Me?

If you want SUPER QUICK Results and KICK START your prosperity mindset, so that you can start attracting and manifesting money and abundance on all levels  – then a femme-tastic VIP DAY is just for you!

Why? Because during a VIP day we have all the time we need to go super DEEEEEP into getting clear on what you Really Want, When you Want it, And what is Stopping you from having it and Then Create a Strategic Attraction Plan to Help you powerfully manifest what you want.

And The Benefits of having a Virtual VIP Day is that you get to do it from the comfort of your own home, and so there is no need to find extra time to travel to and from a venue.

You can even stay in your pyjamas, with all your creature comforts around you, whilst I guide you through your …..


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What You Will Get:

ILLUMINATION – as to how Law of Attraction REALLY works and what you need to be doing to prepare and align yourself to attract and manifest the results you want – you will learn what being wealthy truly means to you!

STRATEGIC ACTION PLAN – that is tailored to your needs that you can implement straight away and experience ease and joy in your life, and letting go of the struggle and worries

POWERFUL, FUN + PRACTICAL ATTRACTION STRATEGIES –  to start magnetising wealth & abundance and begin experience money magic + miracles

ENERGY CLEARING – to Release any trapped emotions that are causing blocks to your Abundance (this ALONE will create powerful shifts to align you more to wealth + abundance)

CLARITY  – as to what has been keeping you feeling stuck, insecure and scared of whether you are going to BE what you want; DO what you want & HAVE What you want and desire in your life.

ANSWERS – as to what you need to do to help you on your continued path to clarity, to freedom and more abundance in your life – be that money or love.

RENEWED ENERGY, TRUST & SELF BELIEF – that you are the Creator of your own destiny and you CAN and WILL have more Money, more LOVE & more Freedom in your Life

INCREASED EXCITEMENT & JOY – as to what is possible for you when you DECIDE to take back control of your life instead of Life controlling you

TRANSFORMATION – you will feel the change in your energy and vibration which is the key to manifesting all the things you want



How You Get It:

(VIRTUAL) TIME TOGETHER 3.5 Hours (with Breaks built in)

*Recording of your VIP Session

45 min Follow up Call 

+ Weekly Email Accountability for a month


By the time you get to the end of your Half Day Intensive together – you will feel like you have been on a mini retreat!

You will be feeling massively excited, uplifted in mood and energy and with an inner peace, calmness and knowing that you are totally in control of your life.

These feelings alone, will start magnetising the good stuff to you almost immediately


If this is calling out to you ~ if you are feeling it and seeing the vision of you as more magnetic-unstoppable-in-all-areas-of-your-life-powerful-gorgeous- femm-tastic successful biz owner or employee of the year ~ successfully climbing the corporate ladder or even just finally meeting the greatest love of your life!! etc

Then I invite you to listen to that better version of your future self who is calling out – giving you an intuitive nudge – and invest in a HALF Day VIP Intensive with me.


Please  CLICK Here to complete a Quick Application Form

Once you have completed, please RETURN it to the email provided on the form. You will then be contacted to set up a Complimentary 30 Min Phone or Skype Session chat with me, where we can discuss all the details and i can answer any questions you may have



I am so super excited and blessed to spend our virtual day together and help you to change your life, business and work!


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CLICK the “YES I’m SO Ready Roxy” below if you are ready to start magnetising the life you’re Really Worth!!


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