What If…

What if



My Blogpost pic_authorHave you noticed that as soon as you get what you want – in the midst of celebrating your success (be it a money windfall; falling in love; getting a new client; getting a new job etc ) – the What If’s start coming up for you..

What If he finds me boring and leaves me..

What If I mess up this project and they get rid of me..

What If everyone starts asking me for money now..

What If I just got lucky and I don’t get any more clients..

Have you noticed where your focus is >>> on LACK!!

How do you feel when you suddenly get what you have been wanting?

Do you feel rock solid and positively good about your wishes and desires coming true,  OR are your feelings tinged with negativity – guilt, fear, doubt, anxiety – and you’re constantly thinking, your luck is going to run out, and it’s going to end badly?


And so begins the cycle of sabotage – and you get exactly what your feeling and thinking.


So what’s up with that?

Well Darling – as soon as we get what we want – most peeps will go on autopilot and start focusing on what they now, don’t want to happen.

Those little gremlins will start playing up, and those beliefs you hold to be true e.g. good things come to an end; nothing lasts forever; if it’s feels too good to be true etc.

Well if that’s what you believe, then that will become your reality!

So What if instead, you decided to believe something else, and believed the opposite to be true – I mean really believed it with every cell of your body.

Your beliefs are just patterns of behaviour – your daily habits – based on what you hold to be true, because of what you have been told all your life.

And we tend to  follow our beliefs blindly – without really questioning their validity or if they actually make sense with what we want or when we actually go for what we want.

So if you believe that you will never get a job earning e.g. £60k a year – then that will be your reality, until you start believing that you can!!

I can guarantee you – that if you start ignoring what you see as your current reality, and start telling yourself a different What if story, based on only positive outcomes, and truly believe that you will – then you may just start believing in miracles, when you end up getting that e.g. job with a £60k salary you wanted!

Even if the naysayers are saying you can’t, because there’s a recession and people are getting laid off and no one is giving pay rises blah blah blah – that may be their reality – but NOT yours, right? 🙂


Believe it, feel in to it and let it become you reality…


So What if…


The next romantic relationship you have – ended up in marriage…

The next interview you have – goes so smoothly and you get hired…

You asked your boss for a pay rise today, and you got it…

Today you got a seat on the train in the middle of the rush hour…

Today you had enough money in the bank, to pay this month’s bills…


Have you noticed how this makes you feel – excited and uplifted, right?


Can you imagine what your day would be like if you felt like this each day?

Anything is possible when you’re playing the What if game to win, instead of, to fail…


So Darling today – if you’re going to play the what if game – make sure your focus is on what is absolutely, positively possible for you today, and see what you can manifest into your day – it’s all about your perspective 🙂 


Let me know in the comments below, how this post made you feel? 🙂
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