What Would Beyonce Do?



Blog Post PicFor my birthday last month I went see a one-woman stand up show called “What Would Beyonce Do?” – with my beautiful BFF.

We didn’t know what to expect – but the name caught our attention and who doesn’t love Beyonce! – that woman (along with Destiny child) has a kick ass song for every eventuality a girl will find herself in life, and get you through it!!

This show was just fabulicous, funny, thought provoking and very cleverly scripted.

The main act basically used her own life story as part of her act.

She has a major Girl Crush on Beyonce (Me too!) who is her role model in life. And in every crappy situation in life that she finds herself – she would ask herself – “What would Beyonce Do?”

It really was a show about Girl Power and empowering yourself, respecting yourself, loving yourself and just getting out there and giving life your best shot!

Hmmm… I can see why I liked it so much!


So it got me thinking

We all have our own role models in life – peeps who we admire from afar or who are already physically in our lives.

So out of curiosity – If you were to find yourself in a sticky situation in your business, in your work, in a relationship your in – and wondering WHAT NOW??

Who is your #Girl Crush Role Model that you would choose to ask the question – “What would X do in this situation?”


Couple of examples:

If your sitting in a soul destroying job – taking orders from a boss who doesn’t care or value you, working all hours, giving your all for a pay cheque that makes no sense to you – Ask yourself “What would X do?”

Are you in a business? – Are you allowing your clients to dictate your worth; trampling all over your boundaries and not paying you or maybe your struggling to get clients in the first place – Ask yourself “What would X do?”

OR are you in a romantic relationship – feeling unloved & unappreciated –Ask yourself “What would X do?”


What would X do to start living, charging and getting her worth in LIFE??


Marilyn Monroe


However, whilst this can be such a fun and even powerful exercise to get you out your own head and body, and see your situation from a different perspective… there is a CAVEAT! – the role models we choose can either motivate us to want and achieve more in our life, or they can keep us stuck where we are.

So whilst we must choose carefully who we idolise, admire or look up to in life – at the same time we have to take responsibility for our own lives and what we want to create and achieve.

Because we already have the answers we seek within us – we just need to trust the Gorgeous Wealthy Femme inside us – she will always have your back and lead you to life’s wealth and abundance that is just waiting for you to claim it – Ask yourself “What would she do in a situation like this?”

Hence another more powerful way to get out of your own head is – if your best friend were in any of the above examples – what would you advise her to do??



Over to you darling and let me know in the Comments Box below – Who is your “Girl Crush” Role model? Or is it your very own “Gorgeous Wealthy Femme” inside you that you always go to for advice – If so, Good on you Darling!



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