What’s Love Gotta Do With It…?


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Do you believe that a successful business is about being busy 24/7, because it means you are working on your business?

Do you believe by putting other people first, meeting everyone else’s needs and wants before your own, is what business is all about?

Hmmm.. Not exactly..! This is a sure fire way of quick burnout and taking you out of the game for a little while..

Business & Success is about working smarter NOT harder and putting yourself & your health first.

Remember WHY you went into business? – Ultimately to have work/life balance, and a beautiful and fulfilled life doing what you love.. ☺

Yes! business is about serving other people and enriching and adding value to their lives, but not at the expense of your own happiness…

Because what value are you to others if you are depleted of energy? What value are you to others if you are operating from a place of resentment, because you are tired and mentally exhausted?

Feeling like this means you are doing yourself and your clients a huge disservice, and blocking Success coming in..

To make a difference in other peoples life, you have to be the inspiration and model of success that they see for themselves.. But if you are not feeling it, and acting out of need and desperation, rather than pure desire, passion and excitement, then your clients will energetically feel the disconnect in some form or other…

You may end up losing clients and experiencing a lull in your business, because once you lose momentum, creating success will seem difficult. It will be a vicious circle, the more you see business dwindling, the more you will question and doubt your abilities, and the more you doubt yourself, the more FEAR will show its ugly face telling you what you don’t want to see or hear..

And we both know that once DOUBT & FEAR sets in and gets out of control, either one will block success from coming in, unless you get back on track..

But there is GOOD NEWS! ☺ All you need to do to stay motivated, inspired and passionate about your business everyday, no matter what challenges come up, is to take a little time out to Love, Honour and Respect yourself.

When you look after yourself and feed your Mind, Body & Soul, then will you be the force of energy, inspiration and success and your Business will love you for it!

That means creating boundaries and learning to say NO to circumstances, people and events that are NOT in alignment with your authenticity, passion and purpose.

This is not disrespecting people or opportunities in front of you. Its about being grateful for the opportunity, BUT being graceful in saying NO when it doesn’t feel right, instead of saying YES to everything and everyone, because you don’t want to upset anybody for fear of turning away business.

When you are operating from a place of Integrity, Love and Faith, you will always have the right client and opportunity knocking on your door at the right time.. There is no shortage of people and therefore clients..

We live in a world that has approximately 7 billion people and not everyone will have heard your message Darling! 🙂

REMEMBER: Go with what ALWAYS feels energetically right for you, so You only want to operate from your higher & authentic self. If not, then you are doing a huge disservice to yourself, your clients & your business, because you are taking on too much and therefore spreading yourself out very thinly – its about Quality not Quantity!

Whenever you feel overworked or overwhelmed, take a step back, and look at what you are prioritising. We are good at coaching/guiding/mentoring others, but cant see it for ourself, that we are getting in the way of our own success..

Listen to your body & listen to your heart.. You are no good to anyone if you are mentally exhausted and drained. The signs are always there, but you are just not listening… However, eventually FATE will step in to make something happen to make you listen!

Success is yours for the taking, but to allow it to come in with grace and ease, you need to give yourself permission to chill out & relax and be kind to yourself. Invite success in, NOT repel it.. So make space for it by getting rid of all that is negative and blocking it..

Because, when you do this, you’re setting boundaries, and energetically the Universe,  your clients and partners will feel it and will mirror the same back i.e. love, honour and respect you and your time..

What you give out, you get back ~ it’s a fundamental principle of Law of Attraction! ☺

So this week, Femme Entrepreneur has the following 3 Coaching Tips:

1) Be Kind to yourself – Its vitally important that at least once a week, block off an afternoon (or a full day, if you can) in your calendar for some well deserved self indulgent ME Time. This time is non-negotiable time out, just for you doing absolutely whatever relaxes you, without feeling guilty.

You must switch off your iPhone, Laptops, Mobile etc. and have nothing to do with business, either discussing it or reading about it – NADA! Just shut yourself off from the outside world and ‘Just Be…’ ~ watch a DVD; Sleep; have a relaxing bath…

It’s all about recharging, reenergising & reconnecting with you & your higher self. Do this on a regular weekly basis and you will be amazed at how rejuvenated, energised, motivated and inspired you feel about YOU and Your business.

2) Nourish your body with the right foods and plenty of water daily. Water nourishes and rejuvenates the brain cells and most of the time when you feel drained and fatigued, its because your body is not adequately hydrated.

If you want longevity in your business, then you need to look after YOU first. So listen to your body and eat when its telling you its hungry, drink when you are feeling dehydrated and take time out when you are feeling mentally and physically exhausted

Success is a holistic business! ☺ It starts from within – Healthy body & Mind = Outrageous Success!

Success is about QUALITY of action and NOT Quantity – It is better to do 1-3 things successfully in a day or a week than twenty things, half heartedly, off your TO DO list, just because it makes you feel you are working on your business…

So Beautiful Femme, I want you to be kind and loving to yourself – Love, Honour & Respect Yourself Daily and life and your business will do the same back!

I would love to hear in the comments below, what have you been doing to love, honour and respect yourself..


Much Love & Gratitude xxx

Love, Blossom & Shine xxx,


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