What’s Your Relationship With Money?

MoneyDo you know what your Divine Financial Purpose is?  Did you even know you had one?

Well you do have one – we all do whether you know of it or not, and its all about your Spiritual and financial success being in sync.

Once I discovered what my Divine life and Financial purpose was, I knew that if I didn’t get myself out there in the world and share my message, I would come to the end of my life and look back and think Oh Crap!

Another words Big Regrets!

Even though I felt:

Who am I to stand out in a crowd and tell the world what I know?

Who will want to listen to me and WHY?

I am just going to make a fool of my self, and I don’t want to look stupid

So I will just hide behind my computer at my day job looking at spread sheets all day, and sharing my message with my desk plant instead!

Can you relate to any of the above??

Well once I got the cajones (that’s erm another way of saying female balls!) and started listening to the voices in my head ☺ I decided to do something about it!!

So I got off my soft and wobbly derrier ☺ and set about figuring out how i was going to do this and create spiritual & financial success & wealth, whilst doing what I love..

And that was 2 years ago, when I started with a goal in my mind to start my own business, although at the time, I stil had no clue what I wanted to do..

Anyway, fast-forward to today, I finally managed to cut my safety net and quit my job, & finally I am now all in, running my business and being my own boss.

Now there were 2 things that HUGELY changed my perspective on what to do and how to do it, when it came to learning about starting my business:

1) Hiring a Business Coach
2) Getting a handle on my Money Stuff.

And both involved updating the software in my brain, so to speak.

I learnt that to be successful and wealthy, you have to start thinking like successful and wealthy peeople and then take consistent actions towards your goals however small.

I learnt that money is at the heart of every decision we make, whether on a conscious or subconscious level.

I wrote about this another blogpost titled MONEY LOVE

And as I got more and more curious and excited about what I was learning, I started being guided to various resources and experts.

I started learning everything about abundance, aligned purpose and creating success and wealth with integrity..

And in the process i learned a lot about the energy of money and what I had been doing wrong so far, and amongst  the many strategies and tools, there was one that stood out for me, that really empowered me and my relationship with money.

And that was learning about my Money Archetypes and when I discovered what they were, I learned what made me tick when it came to money, and oh boy once I became aware, it was a real game changer for me, my life and my business.

SMA-CardsThis powerful Money tool taught me about the 8 different Money Archetypes

And, that we each have 3 dominant ones and how they essentially drive us in our everyday money situations.

Since discovering mine, I have been using these in my life and business daily, and they have empowered me in so many different ways where my money and gifts are concerned.

In recent times they have allowed me to find the courage to get out there, in ways that I never would have had the courage or cajones ☺ to do so otherwise, because I was either too afraid, doubtful and insecure about what I had to offer.

So i got my self certified so that use it as one of the key Money Empowering tools with my clients too.

You see the sad fact is, that women need a tremendous amount of permission in order to feel free to move forward and it’s all to do with our sense of self worth, which is directly linked to our relationship with money.

If you don’t have a handle on your money then, you are getting in your own way of having the kind of life you truly want and deserve.

You are blocking money and success coming in, no mater how much you try to make it happen.

If you think you are not worthy of having money or you will never be able to make the type of money you want, then guess what, that is exactly what life is reflecting back to you.

Your Money StoryjpgSo what does your relationship with money say about you..?

Well Gorgeous Femme, this week, I want you to seriously consider this question:

What is your relationship with money?

Is it – Cold, Tepid or HOT HOT HOT?

Do you have a love/hate relationship with money?

Do you tend to save avidly or hoard money out of fear of  losing it all?

Do you live for the moment and spend money on yourself and others like it’s going out of fashion without a care for tomorrow?

Or do you maybe find yourself often helping others with their money problems and neglecting yourself in the process and then feeling resentful as you feel you are being taken advantage of?

If you would like to know the answers to these question and discover YOUR MONEY ARCHETYPES and what makes you tick where money is concerned, then Get In Touch, as Darling I would love to help you change your money story ☺

However, in the meantime, i would LOVE to hear  your comments below as to what your relationship with money is and how you would love to change it for the better ☺


Love, Blossom & Shine xxx,


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