When Opportunity Knocks…

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Would you recognise a good opportunity if it came your way??


Opportunity waits for no one – though it gives every one a chance to recognise one, know one and jump on one, when one does show it’s face in your life.

But individuals either see life as black and white, or see it a full colour spectrum.

Those who fall in the ‘black and white’ category – wouldn’t know a good opportunity if God himself came down to earth and told them to take it!

To these individuals – any opportunity is probably:

Too good to be true…

It’s not for them…

It’s too hard…

It’s seems too easy…

It’s not ethical…

It involves using skills they don’t possess…

It’s a scam…

It won’t last and the bubble will burst…

blah blah blah…


It’s either fear of the unknown, or they are just plain not willing to do or experience something different in their life – that will allow them to grow, learn new kills, meet new people, or even get to  see what they are capable of achieving, when they put their mind to it.

Those who fall in the ‘full colour spectrum’ category – are the ones who everyone else (mainly the ‘black and white” category) will see as the guys and gals who are the chosen few… who get all the lucky breaks handed to them on the platter and live a charmed life!!


Get more OOOMPH out of your life…

Life is a game, full of riddles, twists and turns… for which you will get clues along the way… but you have to know how to play the game of life…and be a willing and active participant of it, to get the most out of it.

That’s what makes life so amazing, beautiful, interesting and exciting, right?

Opportunities and answers to our burning questions and desires, don’t come with instructions in perfectly packaged and labelled boxes wrapped in a big bow with hearts and flowers on it, and a note from The Almighty saying ‘For The Attention of Ms X ONLY’

Though for those who recognise a good opportunity – this may well be how they will view an amazing opportunity when it comes there way!

Sometimes you just have to draw a line in the sand and start somewhere.

You have to learn to Trust and put your Faith in something… and follow the right crowd…signs… and the synchronicities that the Universe puts in your path, and see where it will lead…

If you never give anything a chance in life… you are going to miss out on life, and resort to only ever living an ordinary, humdrum life…


Thomas Eddison Opportunity


At the start of January this year, I had an amazing opportunity put in my path.

After years of missing out, because I fell into the black and white category – this time I recognised it as an opportunity.

I could have second guessed it, and played it safe by allowing other people’s opinions, and self limiting beliefs cloud my judgment –> be careful who’s advice or opinions you take on –> are those people living the kind of life you are wanting to create for yourself?

I recognised that it was the Universe knocking on my door (once again!) to help me step into the next level of my prosperity, and true potential, even though this new path was unfamiliar and a bit scary!!

It came to me in such serendipitous way, and I was magnetically drawn towards it… and I just knew and felt that it was put in my path for a reason… This time I grabbed it with both hands – and said a Hell YES! to living out even more of my true potential and abundance, because it was going to allow me to grow and stretch on a personal and professional level – which is more than i was currently allowing myself to, because of my own self imposed limitations and narrow mindedness.

ALWAYS Follow your gut/intuition – because it’s never wrong, and it’s all the green light you need, to pursue something that feels right for you – even when others are trying to make it wrong!


What’s with the Attitude…?

So in my excited state, I shared it with my nearest and dearest – because I wanted them to experience the same opportunity I had been shown.

But OMG! I was surprised at some of the reactions I got… it was like I had just given them a plate of Stinking Crap to eat!!

How dare I have the audacity, to offer them a chance to have more abundance, freedom, fun and happiness in their life!! 😉

Ummm! why were they not seeing what I was seeing… what was wrong with these people – do they not want to be rich and happy?!!

Apparently Not!!

But I guess I don’t blame them, because I probably would have had the same reasons they had, if such an opportunity had been offered to me a few years back..

So I made peace with it (once I got over the rejection :)) and I realised that when an opportunity comes your way -> it’s all about the timing of it, and having the right mind set, and either recognise it as one, or just see it as ‘pie in the sky’ and dismiss it.


Excuses Excuses Excuses…

So not every one is ready to change their lives, even if they say they do!!

Some people are just not willing to do what it takes to change, although they love to whinge and complain about life!

Well those people should just SHUT UP!! and lose their right to complain – if they are not willing to do anything about their situation 🙂

These whingers and complainers will be the ones, who begrudge the success of peeps, who are grabbing the opportunities, and putting in the effort to change their life and seeing the rewards.

They will also be the ones who will say – but I am not that lucky!

They will also be the ones who say –  “well it’s ok for them…they have got it easy!! aaaaAAAAARGH!!!

They will also be the ones who use a lot of “Yes Buts…” in every sentence to justify why they can’t do what other’s have been able to do.


Richard Branson Opportunity quote
They are also the one who will have plenty of excuses to use as justifiable reasons to keep them stuck and living an ordinary life, when they could be living an extraordinary life!!

They are also the ones who…

Yes okay Roxy.. I get the point!!! 

What they don’t realise is that these ‘others’ are ordinary people, just like them – who decided one day that enough was enough, and chose to change the way they lived their life.. they didn’t have any extra or special powers.. they were not the chosen few – they just went out there… seized opportunities that felt right, instead of second guessing them, so that they could see what they were capable of achieving in life and that made their life more meaningful, fun and prosperous.

(BTW you can CLICK HERE to read a blog I did on “Yes But…”)


Luck Has Nothing to Do With it…

So before you dismiss the next opportunity that comes your way that could potentially change your life…

Ask yourself:

Why are you really resistant to it –> that you may actually become successful?! or that you may end up failing?

You see, it’s not unusual for people to be scared of success, and therefore block success coming into their lives. They may believe becoming successful may alienate family and friends – so they play small, and settle in life to please everyone else.

Whilst others are scared of failing – so they also decide to settle in life and play it safe – rather than have to deal with failure and rejection of any kind.

But failure is part of the great exciting journey to living a successful, abundant and fulfilling life.

Do you think all the successful people we admire in life – just got lucky and succeeded the first time they put their hand to something – NO!

Stepping out of your comfort zone, and trying something different in life (even if you might fail) – opens a  new world of experiences, people, circumstances and opportunities, that allows you to grow, evolve and develop personally and professionally – so that you can get more creative living out of life.


Live an Extraordinary life…

If you want to live an extra-ordinary, exciting and fulfilling life – then Darling you have to take life by the hands and truly LIVE IT.

So what if you stumble and fall along the way – it’s just gonna add more strength to your character, give your personality more colour and OOMPH to your life and richer life experiences!!

When you get to the end of your life – you want to be in AWE of yourself for living your life so fabulously, courageously and boldly.

You want to be able look back and re-live the rich, wonderful and colourful life you lived and share the wonderful and amazing experiences/stories with your grand children.

Because you want your grandchildren to be telling ALL their friends why their Grandma ROCKS!! 🙂

So Darling, live your life creatively, with courage, excitement, and child like curiosity every day…

Don’t let the Rejections and the NO’s from the narrow minded, stop you from shining your light in the world…


Would Love to know in the comments below – if opportunity has knocked on your door?
And if so – did you
 seize the moment or slam the door in it’s face?
Either way – how did it change your life?


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