Who Do You Think You Are?

Melody Campbell

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Can I ask you a question….

Which level of business would you say you are at?

  • Just starting out?
  • First year of business?
  • Been in business for several years or more?

Regardless of where we are at in our business, many of us live in fear that we are not good enough, so we pretend to be more than we are in order to impress to keep up with the big players, OR, we pretend to be less then we are, because we don’t believe in our gifts and talents.

Women will tend to play down their achievements and success in business and life, so that we don’t come across as a show-off, because we don’t want to be alienated by our friends and colleagues.

However you wont find a man doing this. They are happy to let their male counterparts know just how good they are (whether its true or not!) as its all about bravado and showman ship.

However, women operate on a more emotional level and validation from those around us is important for us, to feel accepted and understood.

It’s easy to pretend that we are doing well in business, than the facts actually reflect, because we don’t want to come across as a loser!

However, you have to be honest and ask yourself, what is this costing you in time and energy, by not facing up to the truth.

The thing is we all have to start somewhere. It’s ok to be just starting out and growing your business.

No one is ever born successful..

When we are being honest with ourselves, this gives us room to breath and so to allow creativity to step in and allow our authentic selves to shine.

It frees up of all the anxiety and doubt that’s taking up mental headspace, and allows us to be energetically aligned with our authenticity, so that we cant truly help our clients in the most powerful and enriching way.

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The road to success is not a linear one. It will have plenty of windy roads and sharp turns, but its all good as its all part of the learning curve and our growth.

It’s who we become as a person, a mentor, and leader and much more along the way, that is going to truly resonate with our clients and potential clients.

We can’t be embarrassed about our failures, stumbles and falls, because without them we are dismissing and disrespecting our greatest lessons that have become part of our story.

And its these experience and pearls of wisdom that we will share with those who will be at that place, where we have just come from.

So be kind to yourself along the way, and know that its part of the process.

When you are just starting out, comparing yourself to others is inevitable, but also very counter-productive.

Comparing yourself to the more established big players, is bound to make you feel inferior, not good enough and doubtful of your abilities.

Its like comparing apples to oranges – its not comparing ‘like for like’ and you are just being unfair to yourself and goals.

I would say, ditch the ‘comparison game’ altogether. But whom am I kidding, we have all done it, and probably still doing it!

So don’t beat yourself up about it. What you should actually be doing instead of comparing, is be inspired by your object of envy. Let it be the fuel to drive you forward and someone to aspire to, because if it was possible for them, then its truly possible for you.

Honestly, honesty is the best policy in this case. Be true to who you are and always ask yourself if you are acting with integrity and in alignment with what you stand for?

Its what will endear clients to you  who really want to work with you.

They will be drawn to you because they can totally relate to your story and your promise of what is possible for them too, rather than it being pie in the sky tale!

So this week Femme Entrepreneur is going to leave you with the following to consider, when asking yourself  ~ Who Do You think You Are? :

1) Who are you pretending to be..
2) Who do you fear you are..
3) Who you really are..

Be honest with yourself Darling…

I would love to hear what came up for you in the Comments Section below…


Love, Blossom & Shine xxx,


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