Yes But..



They say there are always 2 types of people….

Examples like :

The Negative ones and the Positive one

The Doers and the Procrastinators

The Extroverts and the Introverts

The Coffee Drinkers and the Tea Drinkers etc

Well I recently learned of another type: The Yes But’s and the Yes And’s


The Yes But’s

Have you noticed that whenever you make a decision to do some thing – the list of Yes Buts start lining up.

Now the Yes Buts are on a train to nowhere, because all they are doing is going round and round in circles

The Yes But is a cracked record that is continuously playing which stops us in our tracks of achieving the life we are truly worth.

The thing is, you know it’s playing – you just don’t do much to change the blooming record.

The Yes Buts are very limiting in nature – the more you use them, the more the doubt, confusion, and negativity they cause

Of course many of us are riding the Yes But train every day – continuously Yes butting.

On the Yes But train, you’re Yes butting to yourself, Yes butting to others and they are Yes Butting back and each one is trying to “Out-But” one another! (☺)

You start the day off feeling lousy – you look around you and everything about your life sucks – your work, you salary, your bank account, etc

But you soothe yourself by saying Yes But I can’t do anything about it as that’s just the way life is!!


Yes And’s

The Yes And on the other hand, are blissfully moving ahead… you’re in flow with the flow, achieving, succeeding, living life and not merely existing..

On The Yes And train – every thing is possible, because you’re not putting limitations on yourself.

You’re seeing the positive in every situation and not talking yourself out of anything.

Each time you move with a Yes And, you are creating and attracting more opportunities, people, circumstances and events that are going to serve you.

So get yourself off the Yes But train and onto the Yes And train, and here’s how:

1) Start notice your self talk pattern.

2) When you become aware of the negative self talk, shout out loud (if you can) or in your head one of the following to stop the Yes buts (or any negative chit-chat) instantly:

STOP IN THE EFFING NAME OF LOVE!! (I do love that song!)



What you really want to do is use a phrase that’s powerful enough to take out the emotional charge out of all the negative self talk – and expletives usually work! ☺

Just keep shouting your chosen phrase over and over again until you can feel the shift.

3) Change the Yes Buts into Yes And’s

For example – you want to bring more money into your life – so if you are career gal – you tell yourself you are going to do this by getting a better paid job that is worthy of you.

And as soon as you make the decision – you start to telling yourself or start hearing from others who are on the same Yes But train as you:

Yes But I have been here so long, I will lose out on a redundancy pay in the future

Yes But I don’t think I have the right skillset to apply

Yes But I will never get the job

Yes But what if I get the job, and I don’t like the people I work with

Yes But what if have to work longer hours,

Yes But it means I have to do my CV all over again

Yes But what if I get the job and my new company start laying people off, I will be the first one out.

And on and on it goes..


This is how a conversation would go if you used Yes And

Yes And its in better location and I will save time on travelling

Yes And It means new scenery, new environment and new friends

Yes And I can buy better clothes, pay off my credit card and go on vacation with all that extra money coming in

Yes And change is good

Yes And there are better promotion prospects and perks

Yes And I bet the men there are better looking ☺

Yes And…

Do you notice the difference – The Yes Buts stop you moving forward, however the Yes Ands are propelling you forward!


So now over to you Darling – which camp do you fall in..? ☺

Would LOVE, LOVE,  LOVE to read your comments – so go ahead and send them in box below..


Love, Blossom & Shine xxx,



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