Your Path To Prosperity & Happiness (& Guilt-Free Living)

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Do you feel like everyone else is doubling their money, profits, love, and joy in their business and life – whilst you just seems to be doubling your troubles, debt and struggles?

Do people call you crazy for dreaming BIG and going after what you want?

Do you wish people would just stop dumping their emotional Sh*t on you – because it brings your (Wealth) Vibration down?!


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Darling – I want you take a few deep breaths and just relax…

And then I want you stop feeling guilty or bad about everything and allowing others to make you feel this way – because you’re giving your power away.

Feeling guilty and bad about what??

For trying to better yourself as a person and woman – so that you can create a better, fuller, Richer, happier life for yourself that is actually going to benefit them!


Notice the Self Sabotage

Feeling guilty and bad is one of your biggest blocks to bringing in more money, love, freedom and happiness into your life.

The thing is too many of us, are trying to keep every one else happy – partners, family, friends, colleagues – either out of a sense of duty, love OR both!

OMGosh! darling I totally get you – I AM a recovering People Pleaser!

Firstly – no matter what you do – honestly you’re going to run yourself into the ground trying to keep your loved ones happy all the time!

This may SHOCK! you – but you are not responsible for their happiness –for REALS darling! 🙂

Let them work on making themselves happy instead of ‘guilt-tripping’ you and putting the pressure on you to make them happy!

And anyway, how can you be happy and prosperous – if the decisions you’re making to keep them happy, are taking you away from your own HAPPINESS and PROSPERITY!

If you make decisions based on what other people think about you – then you’re putting their happiness before yours.

hear no evil, see no evil, speak speak no evilThis usually results in bitterness, regret, and resentment down the line – when you realised how much time you wasted not living your happiness. AND these sneaky little Prosperity Suckers are gonna suck the life out of you AND turn you into a psychotic, bitter and twisted Fruit Loop – that will further block your levels of abundance, success and happiness.

So what to do then, Roxy?


Your Path to Prosperity & Happiness:

* Leave planet Doomsville and move to Planet Awesomeville

Honestly this place does exist 🙂 when you start surrounding yourself with a “CAN DO” mentality in terms of people, places, mentors, books and resources that reinforce all this and make you feel good, worthy and deserving of the good life.

* If you want things in your life to change – you have to change the things in your life

If you want to have the life you want – you have to start making decisions from the mindset of the Woman you want to be – and NOT from the mindset of the woman you currently are.

The ‘current’ You – will keep you from moving forward in life through feelings of fear, doubt and guilt – and your life will be the same 6 months from now, 12 months from now and beyond – is that what you really want??

* If you want to have more wealth, success and happiness in your life – you have to be fearless in the way you spend your Time, Money and Energy – that is going lead you to more Prosperity – e.g shifting your money mindset; empowering yourself to think and dream bigger – in better ways that are going to Elevate and Enhance you, and your earning potential, – and make you feel like a Gorgeous, Wealthy Femme in the process.

You have to start standing in your own power – because your success, prosperity and happiness in the way you truly want to experience it – does not happen whilst living within your comfort zone – that only keeps you stuck where your are at.

*Fire the Nay Sayers and Debbie Downers from your life – y’know those people who keep telling you, that you’re crazy and should be a realist!

Well we have ONE thing to say to these “boring realists” – well i I know what I would say! and I AM curious to know what you would say? 🙂

Crazy and Unconventional and marching to the beat of your own drum/song  is where your success, abundance, prosperity, fun and freedom are at!!

Crazy and Unconventional opens up a much more exciting world of opportunities – so ‘they’ who are calling you crazy, are the ones missing out! 🙂

You can, of course, continue listening to them and playing it safe – but ask yourself >> Are they living the kind of life you desire? Are they living prosperously?

If I had listened to all the peeps and naysayers, who thought I was crazy – I would still be stuck in job and relationship that was making me unhappy and feeling like a loser.

So I stopped telling them about the decisions I was making – not because I felt bad or guilty – but because I knew they just didn’t understand.

But I’d had enough of riding the train to doomsville and regret everyday, and  was prepared to do what it takes (find the money, find the time and find the right peeps to help me) to change my life and making it better – instead of just talking about and complaining about why I couldn’t (like the boring realist’s) and doing nothing.

Was I scared? – Umm Yes!

Did I know how to go about doing it? – Umm No!

Did I Feel I was ready to make it happen or even had what it takes? Umm No! and No!

Did I have to spend some money to get me there? Yes and No!

I did it one step at time – like the many Achievers and Go Getters before me have done and like the many Achievers and Go Getters behind me will be doing!

And we continue to take scary steps and make scary investments in ourselves, and the future we want – because we look at the ones we have already taken, and seen how they have led us to living and having the life we want so far… 🙂

Successful people and Go-Getters in life – hang out with and listen to other like-minded people – so choose wisely who to take advice
and guidance from,
concerning your success, happiness and prosperity!!


* Make your decisions based on the future you want and NOT based on your current reality

There are many many inspiring and empowering success stories we hear about all the time – peeps like you and me who made scary decisions in their life to have the life they wanted.

So what seems like a scary ‘expensive’ decision to you now (Gosh I have a few of my own) – nothing is more scary than continuing living the same old sucky life and doing nothing about it – which in the long run is going to end up costing you more in Time, Money and Energy.

And for LOVE! of Shoes, Handbags, and Chocolate (and Cake!) – STOP feeling bad about the past decisions you made around money – because Soul Sister >> at the time you made those decisions, they were the right choices based on your circumstances back then – so STOP beating yourself up and give yourself a Big Selfie Hug and know that you always only every do what you think and feel is best for you – even if things didn’t pan out the way you wanted.

So see the Good in every situation and decision you ever made and Praise it!

Always Trust your (Gut) Intuition! 

Make your decisions from the Heart and not your Head – because your mind likes to over analyse and talk you out of doing stuff that is really going to serve you and lead you to your Prosperity 🙂

You have the ability to create and have all the success, prosperity and happiness you want in your Life + Business, and you are the creator of your reality based on what you think and feel at any given moment.

So make sure you know how to keep your thoughts positive and your feelings empowered – so that you’re keeping your wealth vibration on a continuous high and riding the mental and emotional bliss train everyday!


Would love to know in the comments below –  who or what are your “Prosperity Suckers”?


Are you riding the “Prosperity Train” everyday?


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