Your Stinkin’ Thinking!


Feel it believe it attract it
My Blogpost pic_authorWhen it comes to getting what we want in our lives – you know like having more money in the bank, a better paying and fulfilling job/career/business, or having more love, more holidays, more freedom – the list is endless, right?

Well we can have it all you know! We really really really can – but what is stopping us from getting what we want – is our stinkin’ thinking!

Our sneaky thoughts, keep us on the periphery of getting what we want – keeping it just out of our reach. NOT Funny Universe!!


Our Stinkin’ Thinking…

Our Sucky thoughts and limiting beliefs and self esteem issues! continue to mock us – by silently, yet potently reminding us that >>  we’re not good enough OR we don’t deserve it.

Our stinkin’ thinking questions us >> “Really… do you really think you can have that? HOW?

And then you start trying to figure out all the How’s?well that’s just a losing game!

Once you start trying to figure out this part – you start telling yourself – “Who am I kidding?!! How will I ever make that happen?!

I’m too fat, I’m too skinny; I’m too Old, I can’t Afford it; I don’t have time… blah blah blah

So you stick to your comfort zone of “Averagedom” , and you stop trying to punch above your station.

Then you look around your zone of Averagedom! and start seeing all the evidence to support, why you can’t have what you want, or do what you want, or be what you want.

And because you’re now immersed in your negative vibe – you attract exactly everything negative, to support your current stinkin’ thinking.


Does this sound all too familiar Darling?


So why haven’t you manifested that large pot of money? Why haven’t you manifested that perfect high paying job? Why haven’t you manifested that perfect relationship?


Good News

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Ok back to the Stinkin’ Thinking..

So don’t allowing your stinkin’ thinking to get in your way of achieving your goals to being wealthy, successful and happy

Your stinkin’ thinking is not allowing you the ability to think outside the box and making it happen – there is always a way – ALWAYS!

Don’t let it keep you stuck at the first sign of I Can’t and the How’s


Henry Ford Quote


Darling, it’s not your job to figure out the How’s?!

Your only job is to just get into action – any action – however small – because by getting into action, and taking one small step at at a time, towards what you want – will ALWAYS lead you to your next step

And these multitudes of steps will be opening up a pathway, that will eventually lead you to what you want.


So OVER to you Darling >>> I would love to hear in the comments box below >> Why you think you haven’t manifested more of what you want, into your life?  


Or Success stories of how you overcome your stinkin’ thinking, when going after what you want?? 🙂


And keep this Quote in mind – just so that you know, when you start trawling your mind! 😉


“The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off ” ~ Gloria Steinem



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